Before & Happily Ever After's......



As you can probably tell from this page title....I'm a dreamer!  I like to dream about ways to change something and make it better than it was before.  

One of my favorite quotes is by Mr. Walt Disney,

"If you can Dream it...You can Do IT!"

 So with that in mind, this page is about dreaming!  For me, it's about taking a bare canvas and imagining what each masterpiece will look like.  I think this is great fun and it just so happens that my bare canvas is usually wood!   Most of time I'm repainting an outdated or worn out piece of furniture and making it new again.  Sometimes even just changing the hardware can give the furniture a new look.  If you really want to make a one of a kind, adding a french graphic or a hand painted design can make your once worn piece of furniture a work of art.  


The transformations, even though imagined in my mind, are always a very pleasant surprise!





 click on the thumbnail pics to expand to a larger can also click the link on the first page of each gallery to read the full blog post & Tutorial

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Before Chalk Paint

This piece was really pretty before too but it needed a better backing and the inside wood was pretty scratched so I filled in the deeper scratches, put a cottage bead board on the back panel and chalk painted it a light grey. I used a white wax in edges to give it a break from all the grey and age it a little. The result was awesome!