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Kitchen Island Re-do

Kitchen Island


Hi Everyone! I wanted to share with you a make over that I recently did in May on this kitchen island. It had a wonderful wine rack underneath and storage space, which we are always in need at my house!

Maison Designs

I bought this lovely "Green Egg and Ham" island at one of my favorite furniture re-sale places. I loved the design of it, with the dark wood trim on the top surface that surrounded a creamy sandstone tile. And of course, I knew I would be painting that puppy on site but once I got it home I had to decide on a color.


My kitchen has a lot of black cabinets and so I wanted something to lighten up the area. I chose cream with a coat of dark paint underneath to show through when I distressed it. (Distressing it just means to rub off some of the paint around the edges).


The very first thing I had to do was sand it down. I didn't need to take off all the green paint but just needed to sand it enough to get the high gloss off of it in order to re-paint it. I used a 180 grit sand paper and an electric sander and some elbow grease for the hard to reach spots where I needed to hand sand it to get off the gloss.

After that, I used a black spray paint to loosely cover the piece. (By loosely cover, I mean I hit the areas that I knew I would be distressing after chalk painting the piece). If you haven't done this alot and you are not sure where you may distress, then I would suggest that you go ahead and get a coat of the black spray paint for the entire piece.

Next, you are ready to chalk paint. I chose a nice creamy white. It will take 2 to 3 coats of chalk paint to get a nice finish. I then, took a 220 small piece of sand paper and rubbed the edges so that it would show the black paint through the cream.


After that, I used Annie Sloan's dark wax and worked around the edges spreading it to the middle to give it a nice aged patina. I finished it with a clear wax to give it that satin finish and seal the paint.

Here's what it looks like finished!!!


Here's a closer detail picture:


I love how it turned out! We used it for my son's high school graduation party and it was so much fun!


That's the hubs, enjoying the festivities!

Since then, I have redone this kitchenette area and created a more vignette setting that works better! What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed this Chalk Paint Makeover!

Until next time!



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