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French Macarons by Emily

French Macarons

Maison Designs Emily's French Macaron


Some of you may not know that my 13 year old Emily is the "Baker in the HOUSE". Her brother likes to call her the baker of all things "Yummy"! She is constantly watching cooking shows and teaching herself new recipes.

This one, however, is the "ooh la la" of all cookies and it is my FAVORITE!

Look how pretty they are! And they taste like a lit bit of heaven. I can tell you I'm constantly amazed by her skills and fascination with cooking and baking. When she was 11, she cooked the family a wonderful meal all by herself! (I know right? I'm so spoiled! My very own chef!)

I think she is brillant! And because I do, I will be posting from time to time some of her recipes she has tried. She made these macaron's for a dear friend of ours who opened a shop at the Pinnacle Hills Mall in Rogers, AR called the Pink Tomato Boutique. (you can check out her store by clicking here)

The hot pink cookies were perfect for the store.

Here's a few more pics of these macarons after baking and of course, a sweet pic of the little chef too!

macaroon sheet.jpg

Emily Baker Baker Cookie Maker.jpg

Emily the Baker Baker Cookie Maker!

These are some watermelon sugar cookies that she made for her brother to take back to college with him!

I think they were gone before that happened!

Isn't she a cutie? (I'm not biased at all! ;0)

If you have ever wanted to try these delicious and delicate cookies click here for a recipe from Martha Stewart. We have used this before and had good results! Let me know how they come out!

Do you have a favorite cookie? Have you tried a French Macaron and where did you try it? Comment below! I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts!


And until next time.....go make something wonderful!


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