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Vintage Market Days

Vintage Market Days

"Treasure Hunting extravaganza"

My friend Beth and I went to the Vintage Market Days in Fayetteville, AR a few weeks ago to do a little treasure hunting! We had so much fun! Can't you tell? :)

Maison Designs

We happened onto this vendor booth which was sponsored by Saving Grace, a non-profit organization helping bridge the gap for youth who are aging out of foster care or group homes.

They set up this fun photo op for education about their organization.


They provide safe and stable housing, life skills education, community involvement and mentorship to young people who are in transition and in need of housing. There are some great ways to volunteer and donate to help.

If you want to learn more about this charity; go to .

Next, we got to meet Tanae Coleman from Braylin's Boutique. This boutique just may be the most unique and funnest thing I have ever seen! She houses her boutique in an old vintage camper trailer! It's all glammed up and she uses it to store and display her beautiful clothing items and jewelry. The camper is decorated and glammed up inside too! Here's a few pics of Tanae and her awesome boutique!



Tanae in her headdress! Isn't she cute?

(Thanks for posing for a pic for us Tanae!)


This is the outside of the camper. So clever!


Inside every surface was painted or papered with scrapbook paper in bright colors and cute prints!


You can find Bralin's Boutique on Facebook Here

I know I've said this before, but I'm am truly amazed at all the creativity of people and how they use it. Another creative vendor is also a friend, and I was thrilled to see her at the show. Her name is Kim, of Rusted Brown. She is fabulous! Her booth was busy so I couldn't get a ton of pics of her booth but here are a few for you to see!


Here's Kim with Rusted Brown!

A BIG Thanks to Kim for letting us take and share some pics!


Kim has the neatest vintage style and her painted furniture is amazing! I love that mirror too!


Because I wasn't able to get a lot of great pics at the show, I wanted you to see some more of her style. You can see more and find Rusted Brown on Facebook at the link below.

Maison Designs~Rusted Brown

Follow Rusted Brown on Facebook here

Ashley, our friend from Rustic Soul Vintage Goods in Bentonville, AR was also at the show. Here are some pics from her cute booth.




I am loving this map dresser! So cute for a boys room!

You can follow Rustic Soul Vintage Goods on Facebook here!

I'm going to tell you a secret! Well....maybe not as much of a secret as a secret obsession! I am obsessed with card stock, paper crafting and stationary. I could spend hours looking at all this neat stuff!!! I'm not kidding!

So when I spotted this next vendor I literally stopped in mid-stride! The graphics are incredible and she was recently featured on Pottery Barn for her "Hello Sunshine" print.

Sarah, with PHEASANT PRESS is the genius behind these products. It was so nice to meet her and her booth was busy so I was in a hurry when I snapped this pic hence, the blurry pic! But you can check out her website at www.pheasant for more on Sarah and shop her amazing products!


Check out more of PHEASANT PRESS here.

Maison Designs~Pheasant Press

We met another great vendor out of Fort Smith, AR too!

Her name is Kat with Hammons + Beck. Here are a few pics of her collections:



How cute are the mason jars with graphic t-shirts inside?


You can check out more

of Hammons + Beck on Facebook here!

At this point in our treasure hunting, I was feeling pretty lucky to find such a rich selection of vendors and products at the Vintage Market Days.

I was even more thrilled when we met our next vendor!


Meet Amy Hass with "The Floating Buffalo at Home".

Okay, here's where I have to interject on this awesome name! Seriously!! It's really a curse to have remembered all the veggie tales song because the first thing I thought of when I saw the sign was Larry the Cucumber singing...."We all need a Water Buffalo". :) But seriously, everyone might need something from this shop. It's full of great clothing, home decor, handmade, vintage, and so much more! This shop is located in Jasper, AR by the Buffalo River.



I do love me some French graphics like the one on this pillow!

Follow" The Floating Buffalo at Home" on Facebook here.

The last vendor we visited for the day was Beth with Vintage CFM! They make these awesome metal letters and the huge metal door like the one below.



Vintage cfm.jpg

Follow Vintage CFM on Facebook here

After a fun- filled morning of shopping we stopped off at the concessions, which had some pretty yummy treats and then headed home!

Maison Designs-VMD

We went home with lots of treasure and a ton of inspiration!

If you want to check out some of the Vintage Market Days coming to a town near you, click here to visit their website!

vintage market days.png

Tell us about your favorite treasure hunting in your town or some great markets and why you love it!

Until next time.......cheers to fun and inspiration!!!



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