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Everyday is a good day to "Be Thankful"

"Give Thanks"

A dry erase board from the kitchen


Good Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday's are always the hardest morning to get up at our house, but after we think about the fun things we are going to do for the week, that seems to get us moving!

You may have noticed that it has been a few weeks since you have seen a post from me. There are a couple of reasons that it has been so long! The first one is a really exciting one! I had the opportunity to join one of my favorite local antique malls and have a booth space there to sell all my projects! In the next blog post, I will share with you all the preperations and exciting details! Yeah! It was fun and I had three days to do it!

The second reason for such a long absence is because I decided last Sunday to update my computer software and had some problems. My photo software would not update and I was not able to access any of my photos! YIKES! It was a full week with apple support, who were all great (I talked to five of them over the five days), and we finally got the issues resolved. I did loose some of my photos, which is pretty devastating and I'm trying not to dwell! (Insert crazy emoji face here!)

All in all, I am grateful that the computer is updated, I recovered most of my photos and now will be more careful to do more backups! The key word here is that I'm "grateful" that it wasn't a total loss and this project seemed to fit since I created it for Thanksgiving and it's all about giving thanks!

So join me for this fun and easy project to create your "Give Thanks" dry erase board!

As I'm sure you gathered from the picture above, I used a plate for the dry erase board! Clever, huh? I can't really take the credit for this idea as my mom in law showed me this one and I've also seen it on Pinterest. I love that it adds a little special touch to a buffet table or table setting.

This is the plate that I used! I already had this plate but you can find really cheap ones at the dollar store that are cute and fun if you don't have one that you can use for this project. You could use all kinds of color combinations for this! So get your creativity on!


Next, I made a bow for it! This bow was rather large but I love the french graphic so I wanted it to be seen!


I will show you how I made the bow in steps! First you will make a loop and pinch it together. You will do the second loop just like this one and also pinch it together in the center so that the loops are uniform.


Take a metal tie, (I used a candy wrapper tie that I had on hand), and tie it around the center. It will look like this when you are done:


After I trimmed the excess off of the tie and tucked it tightly into the center, I then cut a piece of ribbon about 1 1/2 to 2 inches to wrap around the center to hide the tie and make a center loop. I hot glued this loop around the bow like this:


It doesn't have to be perfect on the back side of the loop because we are going to hot glue that to our plate for decoration.


I love that this is done using hot glue and can easily be removed without any damage and changed for another occasion!

After your bow is attached at the top of the plate I put it in this cute plate holder and wrote on it with my black dry erase marker. Of course, it would be cute to add some color dry erase marker too!

Here is the finished project!


Here is another design that I liked!


Hope you enjoyed this fun little project! I would love to see some of your creative dry erase plates!

Look for the next blog about Maison Designs booth at

"Daisies & Olives" Antique Mall!

Until then, give thanks and go make something wonderful!



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