A "Wonderland" Halloween~DIY Tutorial

"It's Always Tea Time"

The Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol

Good Morning All


Happy Halloween!!!!!

Is there anyone out there who doesn't love to dress up?

Anyone? No?

My daughter loves to dress up the most in our family!

In fact, the planning of her costume can go months out of October! LOL!

This year, if you have't guessed already, she is the Mad Hatter!

We love the movie "Alice in Wonderland" with Johnny Depp! We watch it quite a bit so it didn't surprise me that she came up with this for her costume this year!

I love a good DIY costume idea and this one was pretty easy to do. We already had most of this costume in our closet! We did end up buying the hat and socks but if you want to make your own hat, here is a great DIY tutorial on Bethany Mota's you tube channel here.

We already owned the jacket, top, scarf (for the bow tie) and boots. She even had a pocket watch necklace that looked really cute.

Emily did her own makeup!

I told her that we needed to take some photos and maybe we could set up a tea party to do it! What started as just getting a few snap shots became a storybook photo shoot that I will treasure forever!

This is our friend Lauren as Alice!

Isn't she beautiful? She looks perfect for the part of too! :)

Here is the table set up for our Tea Party!

These girls had so much fun!

They got pretty creative in their photo shoot and decided that they wanted to make it a story! I thought you might enjoy seeing this little story book Halloween DIY photo shoot!

So Enjoy!

And the story went like this:

There once was a girl who fell down a rabbit hole........

She arrived in a wonderous place and met some lively characters...

Of course. they became fast friends

and the two headed off together for what else other than "Tea Time"!

They became very tired!

(Probably after all that sugar!)

And Alice, aka Lauren, fell fast asleep.......well in a pretend sort of way!

"Oh my, thought the Mad Hatter! Maybe one cookie too many!"

But she woke again quickly!

They smelled the red roses...

and had a bit more fun!


Alice, sadly, had to go home!

And this, of course, is where our story book comes to an end!

Hope you enjoyed our storybook Halloween DIY tutorial today!

I think I had just as much fun setting up this photo shoot as they did!

I couldn't wait to get home and edit these photos!

If you want a great photo app for editing photos, I used Fotor.

I would love to see some of your DIY costume ideas!

Send me some pics or comment below!

Until next time.........use your imagination!

Alice: "This is Impossible!"

The Mad Hatter: "Only is you believe it is!"



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