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Clock, Clocks and more clocks......

A little thing called clock fetish

~a story of decorating & inspirations~

I have to tell you about a little secret obsession of mine.....and it's not about paint this time! I adore clocks! I could probably open a clock shop! Just kidding! It's not a bad idea though! I would actually like to visit an old clock shop one day! Do those still exists? I want to go to a clock shop located next to a cozy book store just off a cobble street where streets wind there way up and around the city; with lots of nooks and crannies for quaint coffee shops and bistro style restaurants. Right now that exists in my big imagination, but I'm good with that, for now!

I don't think I ever thought about how many clocks I have in my home until recently. Let's just say, I have a lot! Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed to give you a count, so I won't; you will just have to use your imagination! :)

But guess what? I bought another clock! I can't help myself! I love the way they are all unique and make different sounds. They add such a great design element to your home that you could (not saying I do; but I do) have them in every room! Some women have shoe fetish's; I have a clock fetish!

Look at this beauty!

Clock Fetish~Maison Designs Home

I have always said that your home should reflect what you love and your style! My style definitely lends itself to having big clocks in most of my rooms. So far there aren't any clocks in my bathrooms. But clocks are that one design element that I enjoy; not so much that they are there for any utilitarian use like telling time! LOL! Come to think of it, I don't even know if they are all set to the correct time; I mean, who has time for that! But even if they don't tell the exact time, they sure are pretty! One of my favorite funny things my hubby says is, "It's not how you feel but how you look that counts." He usually says this when I'm sick! It makes me feel better! :)

Something else that makes me feel good is this sweet wall clock that I got and painted a light blue! It lounges in my dining room and looks tres chic!

Wall Clock-Maison Designs Home

When you think about your own home there are probably things that you collect or have more than your share of, that makes your style unique to you. Do you have a design style that has a lot of one element in it? It could be ocean themes, vintage, country, shabby chic? But with each of those themes there are definite elements that make the look. For example, an ocean or beach theme would have cool colors, sand, shells, marine life pictures, nautical or boat decor like boats, oars, nets, etc. You get the idea!

For a few months, I had been thinking about redecorating my son's room. He started his first year in college this year. I'm not going to lie, it's a tough adjustment when your child no longer lives with you permanently. Of course, he still comes home on some weekends and breaks and we text and chat often. It's all about letting go and adapting to life changes. I think I have adapted pretty well (I won't tell you that even writing about it makes me tear up). But change is part of life and I am only sad for myself in that I miss him terribly at times and then other times I want to re-do his room. :) I am very excited for him and all that he is learning and experiencing; the same things that will help him grow!

When he started school in August, he moved into a dorm on campus and a lot of his room pictures and stuff went with him. For 6 months, I haven't really wanted to change anything but it was looking bare and it needed some TLC. Soooo.....I went shopping. My first thought in redecorating was bedding and to pick out color choices. I shopped at Home Goods bedding and nothing really stood out to me. Bummer! But then on my way past the bedding, I saw it! The clock, in it's vintage wood frame and shabby face and I fell in love. It didn't matter what else I did with that room! That clock was going to look awesome over the bed!

And so the decorating began. Once I had the clock, the other elements in the room just fell into my hands. It was a beautiful thing! That is usually how it happens for me. I find that one element and then it's like everything just comes together down to the small details.

I will be showing you the new and approved room tomorrow but until is a sneak peak at the before picture of his room.

Maison Designs

As you can see, there isn't a whole lot going on in here! I can't wait to show you all the changes tomorrow! It looks and feels great!

In the is a look at some more of my clocks, just in case you love clocks too!

Clocks Maison Designs Home
Maison Designs Home
Maison Designs Home
Clocks Maison Designs Home

Until next time........



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