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The Clock Inspied Room

The Clock Inspired Room

A Bedroom Remodel Story

The Clock Inspired Room

I talked in my last blog post about inspirations by way of decorating. Each element you add (or don't add) into a room tells a story about who you are; your likes and dislikes. Any interior designer will tell you this is key to creating a space for their clients that they feel comfortable and good in their space; their home.

If I was going to describe my space at home I would probably say it is more traditional with some european~vintage thrown into the mix. I also shared with you my love of clocks and usually large clocks that have a vintage or shabby chicness (is that a word? chicness?) I wanted to create a similar look in my son's room, which had been decorated to a more collegiate style of navy, orange and grays. I chose to keep the dark gray walls and pull in some vintage wood, and soft grays and cream fabrics. Another aspect to my decorating style is also comfort and coziness. I never want my spaces to feel sterile or stuffy. I believe by adding the european wood clock and light gray fabrics, the new bedroom look is both cozy and stylish.

Let's take a look at some of the before pics. You will notice that one of the major issues in this room was too much furniture and that the different mixes in furniture finishes was a little distracting. The other faux pas was all the clutter and dysfunction of the room.

Here is a look at the bed and bedding before:

Maison Designs Home

To change the look to be more cohesive and match the furniture, we painted the bed with chalk paint and added striped Ralph Lauren sheets, a white down comforter with a soft gray quilt and shams. The accent pillow is a union jack pillow that was handmade. I am having two Euro pillow shams made just like this throw pillow which should be here next week. Yeah!

bed watermark.JPG

The desk was a purchase we made a few years ago that is not really high quality but funcioned for him at the time. After my son went to college we ended up with this flat screen on it. I know what your thinking! Tacky, right? Of course I had a plans to move it and change the look of the desk.

Maison Designs Home

I spray painted the desk a chocolate brown to match the bed and then chalk painted the top in a light gray to color match the quilt. I hand mixed some paints to achieve the exact color. It was fun play time! :) Next, I added the wooden knob hardware that also matched the other rustic wood of the clock and the lamp.

The Clock Inspired Room

The tall cabinet from this next before pic was moved out of this room. I color-matched the cubby bookcase to the desk. Since it was already chocolate brown; I simply painted the top of it the same light gray that I painted the top of the desk.

Maison Designs

Voila! Now I have matching furniture in the room! I was feeling pretty hip about this as it all started to come together.

The Clock Inspired room

After the desk and bookcase were painted to coordinate with the bed, the only thing left to maybe change was the desk chair which was a medium blue. I liked the blue with the desk and the other decor, so I had plans to go back and purchase this crab picture at Home Goods. It would have pulled in the blue for the chair and accented the other creams, browns and grays. It was going to be a beautiful thing!

You probably can guess how that turned out? Of course , when I went back to get it, it was gone! I should know by now that if I like something at Home Goods to buy it right then, but........c'est la vie! I really wanted that picture so I decided to duplicate the look and make my own hand drawn and painted version of the infamous "Crab Picture".

The Clock Inspired Room

I did save $40 even though it took about 2 hours to make. Now that it is done though, I like my crab picture! What do you think? I used a cabinet door and painted the blue background and frame first, then painted on Mr. Crab.

mr crab.jpg

And that is it! A new and cozy, decluttered, matching decor room for my son and guests! I sure had fun with this re-do! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Maison Designs Home

And until next's time to relax in my new cozy guest room! I mean my son's room! ;0)



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