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Make Yourself at Home!

Faites Comme Chez Vous

Mon Amies......

Make yourself at home my friends

This french phrase is really what it is all about! I want my friends and family to feel at home when they come visit. Before I even realized what this phrase meant, I was eyeing this beautiful fabric for a new pillow line. Instead of being a pillow line for the shop; it became the inspiration for my bedroom remodel coming soon. It was only after this Euro Pillow Sham was made that I looked up what the words meant. I find them perfect for my new pillows and the design is amazing!

Maison Designs~Make Yourself at Home

As you all may know by now, I love french graphics and the french language in general! I took two French classes in high school and then 4 classes in college to satisfy my foreign language requirements for my degree. Sadly, I haven't retained much of the french language. Like they say, "You loose it if you don't use it!" But my love for the culture and design has stuck with me! Hence, the name of this blog! Maison means "Home", so Maison Designs made sense to me and was a bit more whimsical then just Home Designs. Am I right? Anywho! I like to use as much French graphic and script in my home as possible. I haven't been to France yet; but it is in the works for "someday"!

In designing the bedroom space I want, I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration. Here is a look at some of the bedrooms that I like.


I love this French Country Bedroom design pinned by Swanky Decors. The browns and grays together with the vintage stained woods is very soft and soothing.


I'm in love with this blue, gray and linen color combination. I will be coordinating brown, creams, blue and linens, but I love gray so maybe I could add that in too! This bedroom inspiration is pinned by Horchow bed linens in Gray Damask.

In keeping with my current wall color, which you can see below, I will be coordinating that color with new bedding and decor. Along with the bedding, pillows and decor, I will be painting this cherry furniture with the classy brass hardware (insert sarcasm with the word "classy" here).

Maison Designs Home

Maison Designs Home

Needless to say, I'm not crazy about the hardware, so we will be changing that too! I'm still undecided on what color I will be painting the furniture. I'm thinking either the blue from the Euro pillow, which would pop against the dark brown wall or do a creamy white and carry that over and buy a cream comforter.

Either way, I think painted furniture will add some character to this room and I'm super excited about getting started. The other element I will be adding to the room is a handmade headboard. Here are some headboards that I like from Pinterest:


This great vintage wooden headboard is pinned from Beauty and the Green.

This turfted headboard was pinned from Decor Pad. Not sure which I'm in love with more; the headboard or the puppy! :)

Again, not sure whether I will go for a tufted headboard or more of a tall rustic wood one. What do you think? Do you like the rustic wooden feel of a headboard or do you think the fabric for a more soft, opulent feel?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

By the way, who thinks the cute pup pup above looks like my pup Chewbacca? He is an Australian Labradoodle; more apricot than red but they could be cousins!


Until next time......go find some inspiration!



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