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Spring Fever

Spring fever inspried decorating

"These are a Few of my Favorite Things"

The sun is shining here in my part of the world! The temperature is 71 degrees and that makes me very very happy! Like most people this time of year, I get a little stir crazy, light deprived and just plain crazed for some nice weather: Spring Fever!

I'm not a winter person, even though I have always lived in the midwest, where there is a moderate winter season! I usually complain about it to any one who will listen and loathe the layers of clothing and coats each time I have to go outside. But I am feeling pretty pumped today to feel the sunshine on my face and only wearing a long sleeve shirt. I guess I can loose the, "I"m so done with winter attitude" cause I think Spring is coming soon!

Therefore, the time has come for some Spring decorating! Now I'm going to be upfront here and tell you that most of the Spring decorating that you will see here is for my little shop at the Daisies & Olives antique mall, sure got me in the spirit for the next step in decorating the house.

Here are a few of my favorite things that I love about Spring! Green grass, green shrubs, green moss....well you get the idea here; I like green for Spring! (sorry...I'm a rhymer!) One of my favorite greens, is the deep green of moss! I use moss in my decorating for Spring because it is so lovely and makes me think of Ireland!

Maison Designs Home

Next up in my bag of decorating goodies is one of my favorite flowers, the Hydrangea; even though most varities of hydrangeas will bloom in early summer. I painted the Paris & Fleur tin cans and then stenciled the "Paris" and the handwritten "Fleurs" onto them! I made the moss topiary by hot-glueing sheet moss onto the topiary form, painting the clay pot white and using a chalkboard label for the front.

Maison Designs Home

Maison Designs Home


I love the soft hues of purples, blues and greens of all the Hydrangea florals. I make sure and include these flowers in any decorating because hydrangeas can be used in decorating for Spring, Summer and even for late bloom in the Fall. It's practically a year-round flower and that makes me all kinds of happy!

I have lots of Hydrangeas in my yard, even though my precious Hydrangea tree got pruned by an overzealous landscaper (the hubby) this last Fall....but we won't talk about that)!

Wink Wink! This is a picture of the beauty! She is a little wild; hence the pruning issue, but she is still glorious!


I also love ivy and lavender which is good for every season and I always throw some bits of them into the mix of spring decorating like I used in this wreath.

Maison Designs Home

Of course, you can't have Spring decorating without bunnies! Aren't these bunny pillows the cutest?

Maison Designs Home


These pillows are handmade by my mom in law and she does such a fabulous job! She sells lots and lots of pillows in the shop! :)

Maison Designs Home

I always think of birds, bird nests and eggs in Spring, so I included some into the decorating for this year's booth!

I decorate all year with little nests, birds, flowers and butterflies but you always see that especially in Spring decor.

Maison Designs Home

I'm really crushing on this butterfly pillow that was hand made for the shop. The ticking stripe material with the burlap is a great choice. I love the look and feel of bringing nature inside! If you have seen my daughter's room it has a bird mural at the top of her vaulted ceiling wall. I even have a little birdie at the top of the website, as well as some little birdies and butterfly prints tucked throughout the house.

Maison Designs Home

Maison Designs Home

I made this Spring Moss Banner from inexpensive wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and hot-glued the moss to the front of them to give a whimsical look to the shop!

Maison Designs Home

Now it's time to start on bringing "Spring" into the house. I think I will use a lot of the same elements I used for the shop because, of course, they are a few of my favs. I would love to hear about your Spring Decorating! What colors do you decorate with in the Spring? Do you have a favorite flower or style?

Share in the comments below!

And Until Next time........

hope you are enjoying some sunshine too!



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