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Random Little Things....

Random little things......and learning to go with the flow!

For the last two weeks, life has been pretty random! I suppose it is a combination of the last few weeks of the school year that gets to be overly scheduled. When you throw in a bout of food poisioning and a crushed foot; random just seems to be how it was going to be happening for a while. In the random happenings.....I just had to get done what I could in the time frame that I had available to me. One of the things I have been working on is re-"fabbing" the website and making some changes and updates! This was something I could do when I was sick and my foot was healing so it worked out that I could still be productive. I am really liking the updates already and even though some of those are more behind the scenes, I've been wanting to do them for some time, so I took advantage of that time I had to be resting and worked on the computer.

The next random thing I have been doing is shopping for the master bedroom remodel. Man, I am so excited about this! It has consumed a lot of my thoughts over the last few weeks. I can't wait to get started next week! Some of the changes will be new bedding, new & painted furniture, new accessories, an upholstered headboard (one of the many DIY projects for the room), and a painted chair in which I am going to, for the first time, paint the fabric instead of re-upholster it. I have seen many successful attempts of this from some of my other blogger friends and on Pinterest so I am ready to give it a shot and see how it turns out. The full remodel will probably take a few weeks as we will be painting lots of furniture, and DIYing the headboard but I will take you along with me on each project and show the progress as it happens! YAY!

My booth space at Daisies & Olives Antique Shop has to be re-stocked every two weeks and so I have been working off and on over the last few weeks on some random things I have picked up at garage sales and DIY'ed. Sometimes I will find accessories that are in perfect condition like the below picture of the 3 tiered treasure boxes. They are so cute! On items like these, I can clean them up and resell them. Other items like the bird houses, wooden trays or chalkboards, I am taking them and repainting and adding detail to make them cute for resell. I will often make fabric banners, wreaths, build wooden trays to sell in the shop as well. I love the recycling and the repurposing aspect of finding these treasures. I have done this a long time and still find things for my own home that I can re-use or repaint to give it a different look or feel. Here is a look at the random group of treasures that I took to the booth late last week.





Other random projects have been cleaning up my yard, spray painting stone pots for my patio (they were looking weathered), planning outdoor projects like my flower and vegtable gardens, a patio re-fresh, and painting this potting table to take to the shop at Daisies & Olives this next week. I think I am going to paint it gray and glaze it with white paint to give it a weathered look. Some things are cool looking weathered and .......some things just aren't, so we will see how that turns out!



One of the random things that I didn't get done was the music wall that I need to finish for my daughter Emily in our Chalkboard Office....if you haven't seen the office remodel you can check it out here. One of the walls will be designated with a cute saying on the wall about music and "Singing in the Rain" and a new stand for her keyboard that is still laying on the ground. I need to order the stand so I can finish that next week to show you all!

Although "random" really hasn't been all that bad this week....... I will be glad to get back to my schedule this next week. My type A personality is calling!

Until next time.......enjoy what random may happen in your day!


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