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How to make French Macarons with my guest blogger

Fancy French Macarons......and the happy baker

Today on Maison Designs, we have invited a guest blogger, Emily Booth, to show us how to make the "French Macaron". These delicate cookies are a tricky little cookie to bake but are very popular and sold most notably in the beautiful city of Paris for quite a pretty penny. ($2.50 to $4 per cookie) They are beautiful meringue cookies sandwiched with a ganache or icing that can be any color or flavor. Emily will be showing us her video tutorial on how to make these cookies and tips for being successful.

Emily is not only a great baker, she also happens to be my daughter! She has been cooking since she was 5 and now she is 14. She has made us some yummy treats and meals over the years, and so I guess all the messes were worth cleaning up for her to be creative and learn how to perfect her craft and love of baking.

The Happy Baker.jpg

She is blogging with us today as a school project for her career development class. The students had to pick a person to "job shadow" within their field of interest. Now, let me just say that she has lots and lots of interests, but in picking a profession she has picked 3 different career choices. Her career choices are acting, dance and cooking. Since we didn't know any actors, dancers or bakers to job shadow, she picked me!

(Not that she had much choice in the matter!)

As an entrepreneur and blogger, I am my own business! I am relating my job to that of her other career choices because actors, dancers and even bakers are their own business. It works in giving her an idea on how much work goes into owning or being your own business. It was nice to spend the day with her and have her see first hand what I do each day.

This summer she will be creating her own cooking channel on You Tube to give her a start in pursuing her dreams of being "Famous". So without further's Emily!



Hello! I'm Emily.....aka "The Happy Baker". I'm so happy to share this recipe with you. I have found that it is the most successful French Macaron recipe that I have tried. I really enjoyed creating the following video for you! Click on the link below for the list of ingredients and directions and then follow along with me in the video tutorial I have made to show you how to conquer this tedious little cookie! Enjoy!

Thanks again for having me!



Hope you enjoy this video tutorial below:



Did you like the French Macarons? They are so tasty! We sure wish we could share one with you right now! Emily was responsible for editing the videos together, putting in the music over and sending it to me to upload for you all! I think she did a great job! She just might have a future in the entertainment industry! Of course, I am totally biased and not ashamed! LOL ;0)


Until next time.........let your creative side shine!



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