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Furniture Reveal~Piece de Resistance

The "Piece de Resistance" of Furniture Reveals

~A Bedroom Makeover Story

If you have been following along on this little bedroom makeover project of mine for the last few weeks, you have already seen the chair makeover and the monster dresser makeover. I call it the "monster" dresser because it measures at 79" long, which takes up a large portion of one wall in my bedroom. I bought this dresser intentionally, knowing that I would be adding a piece to it. I had purchased a hutch/bookcase at a local used furniture store a few years before. I really didn't need it for anything at the time, but I could see all of it's possibilites. It was just a really neat chunky piece that I feel in love with and thought...."I can find a spot for it!" For a while, it served as a cash wrap for our checkout in our shop, then lastly and most recently as a bar on our patio.

It worked out pretty well as a bar, until a big storm came through this Spring and blew it over, crushing my nice bar stools. I decided it was too light weight to serve as a bar if a little spring zepher could come in and blow it over. The only way to fix that problem was to weight it at the bottom and I wasn't crazy about how that would look. So I put the thought of what to do with it on the back burner for a while.

One night, as I lay in bed restless, I started thinking about remodeling my bedroom. For whatever reason, nighttime seems to be my most productive and inspirational think time. While thinking about the direction of the new bedroom, it occured to me that I might be able to use the hutch somewhere in the room. There were a lot of 'if's" in being able to use it since I didn't want to use it as a bookcase. However, "if" I could find a dresser long enough to use it as it's orignial "hutch" purpose, it would be perfect. I jumped on Craigslist that night and one of the first pieces I saw was the monster dresser! It was for sale at an antique mall about 30 minutes from me for $100. My hubby, who just happened to be in that area the next day, went by to look at it for me. After seeing it up close, I knew it was going to be the perfect dresser for my hutch. I painted both in a French country cream with dark wax and distressed it to give it that rustic charm.

Here is what it looked like when I put the hutch and the dresser together:

hutch side view pdr.jpg

hutch detail rdr.jpg

Do you love it? I know I do! It really looks like both pieces were made for each other with their rustic french harmony! The hutch was a booger to move in because it is very heavy and I felt like I was bench pressing it to move it to the top of the dresser.

hutch top PDR.jpg

All in all, I have about $200 invested in both pieces. I'm pretty happy about this investment and even better, it is unique to me! I always love to find pieces like this hutch that can have various uses. Although, I do think that it has found it's final use; in this house, anyway!

hutch bed side pdr.jpg

hutch full bedroom.jpg

I hope you enjoyed seeing this repurpose and makeover project! I do think it is quite the "piece de resistance" of this bedroom makeover!

Until next's to finding new uses for something old!



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