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Refreshing your home

Refreshing my spaces & Tips to freshen up your home

Summer to me, is the perfect time to refresh spaces in your home. You can "refresh" by adding flowers, replacing pillows, painting furniture (my personal favorite) or adding some color to your home decor with colorful vases or picture frames. I have always dreamt of living in a climate where it was summer all year long because I am happiest and most productive when it is warm outside. I don't even mind the hot as long as there is a little shade or water.

One of my lifetime goals is moving to a climate where it is warm most of the year (with a beach, of course), but for now I am enjoying this wonderful weather, even with the rain we've had all week, and refreshing some spaces in the house. If I'm being completely honest, I do refreshing in every season throughout the year because frankly I get bored with the same things and my creative juices are always flowing to make things better. Some people may call the constant tweeks and changes a form of perfectionism, although I don't think there is anything wrong with that! ;) But all joking aside, I think summer is the easiest time to refresh some spaces for one simply thing; flowers!


I'm lucky enough to have many Hydrangea bushes in my yard and a ton of lavender. When I want to add some flowers to a vase to freshen up the living room or dining room, I can go out and cut some from my gardens.


Even if you don't have gardens for fresh cut flowers, buying flowers to add that special touch it is worth the money. However, if you want to save money, adding some nice artificial lavender or plants brings a nice element to your home, making it feel fresh and new.

Among my other "refresh" projects this week, was painting this sweet little night stand for my daughter's room. We have been rearranging some of her furniture because my sister gave us a tall slender armoire that we are going to trade out with an armoire that is in her room now. I think the new armoire will fit much better into the space and it has a full length mirror. What teenage girl can't use a full length mirror, right?

Aubusson dresser room pic.jpg

Aubusson blue dresser.jpg

The new armoire doesn't have as much drawer space as her current one so we took this little night stand out of my bedroom and she got to pick out the color we painted it. She choose a paint color from the Annie Sloan 's chalk paint collection called Aubusson. It's a beautiful rich blue that complemented her current decorations! After I put it in her room, we thought we needed something to pull all the colors and elements together and we found this pillow at TJ Maxx for $16.99.


It has the cream, aubusson blue, teal, browns, and gray as well as the french script like her bedspread! Not only does it have all the colors but also the birds which she has through out the room. By adding a little paint we changed the entire look of this dresser. We also changed out the hardware, which she also got to pick out and it really freshed up her room by adding a pop of color.


We are still refreshing and remodeling the master bedroom. I have been working on the second dresser this week and I am about half way done with it so far. I will be sharing the makeover of this dresser and hutch soon and some tips on styling a bookcase dresser.

Along with refreshing our spaces this week, I made several batches of French macarons for my husbands work. We are calling these beauties, Champagne Vanilla Macarons with Ganache!

Champagne Macarons.jpg

It was a little bit of a break from my usual painting, building, and creating daily routine, but it was fun, and I guess just as creative to pick the color, flavor and filling! And yes, I had to try just one; ya know, to taste test and they were delicious!

Wish I could share some with you all too!

Until next time.....have fun adding those special touches only you can make to your home!



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