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The "Fairy Tale" Dresser

The "Fairy Tale" Dresser...

This week I have had the pleasure of re~painting a dresser for my daughter's bedroom. I love her room for it's lofty ceilings and great windows, which gives the room a fairy tale-like setting. It's a room meant for a little girl, but as she is not so little anymore at 14, she needed a dresser that could hold more clothing than the small armoire she has had since she was 5. Her room is pretty small but has an en suite and a fairly large closet so it works perfect for her.

Not only is the room small, but it has limited wall space due to one wall made up of a large closet , the second wall mostly windows, and the third wall with a doorway to the en suite; leaving one wall for a bed and her other furniture. I can say I have tried many times to think of a way to change up the furniture placement but always end up with the only logical placement exactly where it is now. Here is what her room looked like before we have been making changes for her growing wardrobe! Lol

!We like to call this the "Mirror, Mirror" wall! :) It looks like a mirror out of Snow White!)

We needed a new dresser/armoire with more space but obviously, due to the lack of wall space, couldn't go any wider, so we went for something taller. I had this dresser in my booth for resale, but as soon as we decided to sell her small armoire, we swaped out the Queen Anne High Boy Dresser and sold her cream armoire in the booth; which sold in three days! Now, the high boy dresser was painted gray; which I thought would coordinate nicely with her current decor, but alas....the girl had different ideas on that!

I worked over the weekend and into Tuesday, repainting the gray to a nice cream and then distressing it. The cool part about distressing furniture that has several layers of paint is that it comes out showing several colors through the top coat. Therefore, you can see the gray, turquoise (which matches her night stand) and a chocolate brown. It turned out great and in the end, she was probably right about repainting it!

Maison Designs Home-Fairy Tale Dresser Makeover

She is loving it and even has some drawers that she hasn't filled yet! (I'm sure that won't take long though) I'm glad she has more space and that the dresser adds even more character to her room. Why didn't I think of that before? I have had that high boy dresser for over 6 months trying to resale it at my antique booth and it just wasn't selling! I guess it didn't sell because it was meant to go into the Fairy Tale room! :)

The rest of the week I have been working on painting a few more things to go into the antique booth @ Daisies & Olives. I also have had a couple of awesome helpers this week. My son, Gram and his girfriend Hayley, have been working on some of their own projects for the booth space. They will sell some of their painted projects in the booth to make a little extra money this summer. I think they have had a fun time working on things together and they are really good at it too! It helps me fill up the space at D& O and also gives them an opportunity to earn some extra money, which is a win-win!

Here is a look at them working on one of the chairs that they painted and reupholstered yesterday:

And here is the finished project! They sure do look happy! And didn't they do a great job? I'm very excited about all the things they are doing and I will show you some more of their finished projects as they come!

My son, Gram has also been helping me create a new logo (as you can see on the home page) and we are slowly working on some other logos, watermarks, and website changes that will give the blog a better look and function! I'm happy to have him home for the next 5 weeks before his fall semester of sophmore year starts in August. He and Hayley both have been a joy to have around this past week. She will be going back home for a few weeks! I told her today that I wish I could keep her here all summer! But I think she is going to be doing some more DIY projects while she is home. She makes some great bath bombs which would also be great to sell in the booth!

Not only did I enjoy their company, but I liked being able to teach them painting techniques for their projects, which led us to thinking about making some video tutorials to help other beginner painters! I constantly get asked advice on painting so it would be fun for me to be able to make videos that would help others finish their projects too! In the next few weeks, we will try one out and see how it goes. I'm a bit camera shy so even though I've had the idea before; it took Gram encouraging me to finally be brave enough to try it! I hate having my picture taken, in fact so much, that while trying to find an updated photo for the blog, it took what seemed like hours trying to find a photo of me in our personal photo library! That was just weird!

I guess I'm the one in the family that is taking the pictures instead of being in them and then there is the fact that I avoid the camera even when it is pointed at me! :) I finally took a photo that I had taken with my hubby and cropped him out! Sorry Garrett! So all that to tell you that if I can get over my camera shyness, I think the videos will be great!

Until next time, hope your day is full of fun!



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