"French Farmhouse" Style

"French Farmhouse" Style

@ Daisies & Olives

Decorating is interesting in that each of us have our own style(s). Blending those styles and likes can be confusing sometimes but I have always believed that when it comes to style, it's "you" that makes it! Your home should be a reflection of you, your likes and collections, that makes you feel at home. Therefore, when picking a defining style, the best place to start, is to think about how you want your home to feel. Do you want it to be casual and comfy? What about clean lines and minimalist decor like modern or contemporary? Or do you like a formal style that lends to elegance?

My style is a mix of casual and traditional. There are so many styles each lending a certain feel and design. A few of those main styles can be referred to as modern, old world, tradtional. cottage, shabby chic, eclectic, mediterranean, romantic, contemporary, asian, coastal and the list goes on and on. I tend to decorate with a traditional, cottage and old world style combination. I think that's the fun part of decorating; to mix styles that compliment each other. I often describe my style as french country, cottage, and provincial with a few industrial or rustic elements added into the mix for fun! Once you figure out what you like and dislike, it is often very easy to find the kinds of decor that interest you and give your home the feel you want when you walk in the door.

One design style that is certainly an eclectic mix of styles is the "French Farmhouse". This style lends itself to traditional french country style with some rustic and wooden decor elements added into the pot!

"French Farmhouse" is the style of decor that I just put into our booth at Daisies & Olives Antique shop, located in the quaint town of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. In October 2014, I rented my booth from Daisies & Olives and it has been such a pleasure being part of a place that harbors such talent and good friendly people! As you may know, I paint & restore furniture for the shop as well as build some furniture and design decor for resale. Additionally, it is my talented mom in law who designs and creates all the handmade pillows, table runners, and hand painted or printed graphics she uses for some of her wall art to put in the booth. I am fortunate to have her talents and contributions in making the booth, at

D & O, a fun decorating resource for our customers.

Last weekend, she brought me the most wonderful "French Farmhouse" style designs to put in the booth and I had to share with you! I grouped some of them together to showcase her talents and to give you a peek at what we do and currently have for sale.

Do you like the french farmhouse style? I know I do! I love the ticking stripe runners and pillow and well.....everything about her designs! It is a very popular style and I don't see that changing any time soon! Miss Nancy's (mom in law) designs won't last long!

The shop has been very busy this summer and so we have been very busy too! It's been a fun summer teaching my son Gram to restore furniture. In the last few weeks he and his girlfriend Hayley, who also now has the DIY bug, has sold 5 out of the 8 pieces that they have redone, as well as various DIY projects. My favorite quote from Hayley when they sold their first few pieces was, "OMG....we need to fill the booth again quick!" LOL! I laugh as this is my reaction every other day! I remember the feeling of that first sale. There is really no better compliment or ego boost to someone wanting (and paying) for something that you've created!

I've also enjoyed spending time with them this summer! Next weekend they will move into their apartments to start their sophmore years in college! Noooooooooo! :) Needless to say, I will miss them! Although I might be able to talk them into coming home to do a few DIY projects this fall! :) Here are a couple of their projects that were finished the last few days!

Until next time, I leave you with this great quote....

"Being happy never goes out of style"

Lily Pulitzer



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