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FALL into October~Design for the Seasons

Fall into October

"Simple Home Decorating for the Season"

My favorite season of all is Fall! I love the sunshiny days and that crisp air! It's simply the most invigoriating season with warm temperatures but still chilly enough in the morning & evenings when you can throw on a sweater or cuddle up with a blanket. When it does get chilly, I love to cuddle up with a hot chocolate or coffee and a good book. (It's my happy place!)

I love the colors of fall, which are always so vibrant with the leaves changing to oranges, yellows and reds. Along with all that vibrant color from the leaves, comes the subtely beautiful muted colors from the natural colors of green grass turning brown, exposed tree bark (once the leaves fall and turn brown) and the natural beauty of the evergreen trees. Although I do love all the beautiful color in fall, I don't like to decorate with oranges or reds in my interior decor. Weird, huh? I adore orange pumpkins, but I use those to decorate outside. So how does one decorate for Fall if you don't do oranges or reds? I use grays, whites, greens, and dark walnut woods, of course!

I also like to keep it simple with my seasonal decor. I think that "more" is not better in the case of decorating your home. Here is a look at some of the very simple but sweet decor I used in my home this Fall! Gray is one of my favorite colors so you will notice I incorporated a lot of that into the mix.

Fall Home Tour-Maison Designs Home

Fall Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

Fall Decor-Maison Designs Home

I love the look of the white and gray pumpkins in my dining room. Looking at the above photo, would you guess that these were once orange styrofoam pumpkins before I painted them? I purchased these at the dollar store and used two coats of chalk paint to cover the orange, leaving the already green stems. I tried to find some "real" white cinderella pumpkins but couldn't find any and really didn't have a lot of time to go on a big search outside of my area. I know I have bought those in the past but can't remember where. I honestly think these turned out just as cute, were obviously less expensive and will last a long time! Boom! That's what I'm talking about! I also painted a few larger pumpkins with black chalkboard paint.

Fall Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

I really love the chalkboard pumpkins because you can write so many cute things on them and use them for Fall and Halloween just by wiping down and re-writing a new saying! The chalkboard pumpkins also make a great tablescape for a party!

This week I finished up the many projects for decorating and stocking my booth @ Daisies & Olives for October! One of the projects this week was painting this side table. I painted the top gray and the legs white with some distressing on the legs to give it that 'french country' look!

Fall Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

I crafted this "Fall" wreath by spray painting a natural wreath gray and then making this ticking stripe banner. I found these awesome linen sticker letter cutouts at Target for $3.

Fall Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

I also made some more wooden serving trays, which I painted and/or stained for variation. My hubby made some chalkboard easels, which have become a favorite seller at our booth space! I left one of the serving trays natural and used it along with a mini chalkboard easel to create a hot chocolate station.

Fall Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

Yum! Craving hot chocolate now, aren't you? :)

My mom in law made some really super~de~duper cute Halloween pillows! I love them all but the "Trick or Treat" one might be my favorite! I painted this canvas with chalkboard paint and then free handed this fun quote about chocolate! Or Love? Or love is chocolate?

Halloween Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

The orange Polka dot looks darling with the other mix of black and burlap themed pillows!

Halloween Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

Halloween Decor Ideas-Maison Designs Home

I made this "Boo" & Blackbird banner for some of the decorations for the booth! I'm thinking about putting these silouette blackbirds on long sticks and just placing them all around when it gets closer to Halloween! Very spooky! :)

Miss Nancy aka MIL, also made some really neat Fall decorations to go in the booth this month; like these burlap and bee table runners and burlap "Bee" wall art! I guess you could say she has been a "busy bee" this last few weeks!

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself) :)

The rustic wooden serving tray is another DIY creation that we made for the booth. I used a dark walnut stain and found this awesome hardware for the handles.

I had so much fun decorating my home and the booth for Fall. Here is a look at some of the decor once it was styled in our booth space with a few extra 'treats' thrown in that you haven't seen yet!

I don't know which I like more; decorating or making the decorations! I will probably add some more here and there and in a few weeks when we start gearing up for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season! It seem's so far away, but when you have a booth space you have to be ahead of the game! Wish me luck! In the meantime, I will be finishing up my master bedroom remodel and updating the office space for my daughter's music wall. I am eager to finish these home projects and start some other remodel projects that are "on the list".

Until next's to those beautiful, chilly, hot chocolatey days!



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