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A Year in Reflection

A Year in the Blogging World....

What that means to me and A look at the past year at my favorite moments and projects!

When I realized at the beginning of September that I was coming up on a full year of blogging it hit me that it couldn't have been a year already! Really? It seemed as though I had just begun this journey and couldn't believe I had reached this first milestone! I started this blog with a dream of doing this for the rest of my life; writing about home! Although I really only gave myself 6 months to see if it was something I wanted to do at first. Then after 2 months I couldn't imagine ever doing anything else so 2 months turned into 6 months, then 9 months and a now a year! I wanted to write about what makes a home a home, decorating on a budget, repurposing decor and furniture and painting the world one piece of furniture at a time! If you can't stand to see painted furniture, well....don't cringe yet! It will probably take me a while to paint the world of furniture! LOL!

But what I didn't know I would be sharing when I started this blog would be little tid bits of me! Quite honestly, that part a year ago would have freightened the beejeebers out of me! But now I feel that all those other parts that I wanted to share are really a part of me that I didn't think much about before. In a year of blogging I have learned so much about my style, marketing, SEO google, web page building, social media, photography and that there are a lot of people out there that also enjoy the same things I do!

One of the growing pains of this blog was that I had no earthly idea how to get people to read my blog other than the initially few faithful family and friends who started with me and who continue to support me! The first time I had to share my work outside of that circle was a little terrifying! What if they didn't like me? Well, one of the first people who not only liked my project but shared it with their audience was certainly a highlight to this year! Sharing projects is still something I need to work on doing more but it's gotten a lot easier and I have learned to work outside my comfort zone. And people.....I really like my comfort zone! :)

My work was featured on two different blogs this year! The first was on "The Graphics Fairy". (Thank you Karen, for sharing my project on your website!) You can see this project on her website from the featured button on my side bar or click on her name above to directly link to her website. Here is a look at that project! It was super fun to impose this graphic onto the round side table that I chalk painted. In fact, I got the graphic I used on the table from The Graphic Fairy website, which shares all kinds of free graphics for you to print and use! It's an amazing resource that I use often!

French Graphic Side Table-Maison Designs Home

French Graphic Table-The Graphics Fairy feature-Maison Designs Home

The second project that was featured was on the "Adventures of Mel" blog, which is full of so much goodness! You can click on her name above to link to her website. (Many thanks to Mel, for featuring me on her blog!) The project that was featured was the "Vintage Dresser Makeover"! You can also get to the feature page of the project on Mel's website from the feature button "Adventures of Mel", in my side bar underneath my picture and subscribe page! Here is a look at the project that was featured!

Vintage Dresser Makeover-Bedroom Remodel-Maison Designs Home

I have had lots of projects this year! As most of you may know, along with writing this blog and home projects, I also have an antique booth space at Daisies & Olives in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. I have picked out three of my favorite projects this year to share with you! They are the "Shabby Dresser Makeover", the "Fairy Tale Dresser", and the "Chalkboard Office: Painting the World series Feature Wall". You can click the name of each project and read more about them from the link.

Here is a look at my 3 favorite projects:

"Shabby to Chic Dresser Makeover"

Shabby Dresser Makeover-Maison Designs Home

Shabby to Chic Dresser Makeover-Maison Designs Home

"Fairy Tale Dresser"

Fairy Tale Dresser-Maison Designs Home

Chalkboard Office: "Painting the World" series Feature Wall

Chalkboard Office Feature Wall-Maison Designs Home

Chalkboard Office Feature Wall-Maison Designs Home

It would be remiss if I didn't talk again about the piece that started it all for me; the passion for taking something and changing it to be better! For me that passion is in painting and refurbishing furniture! This china hutch is the first piece of furniture I painted over 10 years ago. If you would like to read the blog post story behind how it came to be painted, before painting was cool again, you can click here.

China Hutch-Paint the World series-Maison Designs Home

I still have this hutch in my dining room. It's the most beautiful piece of furniture! I don't think I could ever part with it! It's been in three houses and three dining rooms so far and it always seems to fit perfectly. I don't see myself moving again anytime soon, but it's going with me if I do!

One of my favorite bloggers out there is Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed. I had the chance to meet her when she visited Arkansas a few years ago and I have followed (not like a stalker...but her blog) ever since. She has such wisdom and I enjoy her blog so much! She has definitely inspired me not only in my personal life but also in my professional one. She is one of the reasons that I started to look at blogging as not only my passion but a business. She happened to follow me on Instagram about a month ago, not by chance, but from me asking her to. I had mistakenly viewed a new Instagram follower called "The" Mustard Seed as Marian. It was 6:45 a.m, (those that know me well also know I'm not a morning person) and I was so excited when I saw the name pop up on my iphone that I proceeded to jump up and down and squeal like a lunatic. The noise level of my celebration had my 15 year old daughter running into the room in surprise of my exuberance and asked "What's going on?" (She may have been a little startled and afraid!) LOL! When my daughter excitedly asked to see the Instagram page, I deflated quickly seeing it again, when I realized that it wasn't "Miss" Mustard Seed. Bummer! DEFLATE!

Later in the day and after many chuckles, the brave me decided to share the story with "Miss Mustard Seed" aka Marian in hopes she would get a kick out of it! Of course, I told her it wouldn't hurt my feelings if she wanted to follow me on Instagram! She did too! She is a very kind person and I feel honored that she did follow me even though I asked. I do so appreciate "The Mustard Seed" following me on Instagram too! Instagram is my favorite social media, plus I like all the pretty pictures people share! I feel like I get to connect with people all over the world! I have a ton of people from the UK & Canada who follow me, so it's very exciting! But it is the most exciting to connect with people! I have seen so many talented blogs and business owners since I started my blog! I can't wait for what the future holds and all the awesome people I will get to meet!

The last thing I wanted to share with you today in reflection is one of the first blog post that I wrote about an event in my hometown area! It was The Vintage Market Days, an antique and craft market that houses various talented vendors. I had written one blog post but there the blog sat for several weeks with one blog post and not much direction. I was still uncertain about writing the blog, and wether or not to take the risk of the amount of work that would go into creating this website. But on a beautiful Fall day last September, my very fun and sweet neighbor asked me to go to The Vintage Market Days with her.

I took my dated cell phone for a camera and headed out. When I got there the magic happened and my instinctive, previous journalist self starting introducing myself as a blogger and asking to feature the selected vendors in a blog post! I hadn't really thought of it as a blog post until I got there; I was just going to take pictures for inspiration purposes. It was like it was meant to be! It came natural to me to interview but the inspiration of what I was seeing and that I could put it all into a story for the blog was monumental for me!

And so the blog began.....

Tomorrow I am going to my second annual "Vintage Market Days". It might be a blog post! If you would like to read that first official blog post from "The Vintage Market Days", click here!

Until next time.....



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