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Ding Dong....the Red Couch is Gone!!!

Ding Dong.....the Red Couch is Gone!!!

When your furniture gives you a Fright....

The dreaded red couch that I had in my living room for way too long has now been......relocated! Hooray!!!

Last week I told you how I wanted to move the couch to my upstairs bonus room but that the drasted thing wouldn't fit through the doorway?

Well, I took care of that!

One night while I lay in bed dreaming of a living room without red, an idea formed in my head! If I could cut the back of the couch down by about 5 inches, I could then fit it through the doorway. I really felt like I didn't have anything to loose. I was getting that red couch out of my living room one way or the other and if it didn't work out, then no big deal!

I have reupholstered furniture so I knew what I was getting myself into before we started to take it apart! The iffy part of this project was cutting it down in the back. We really hadn't done that before, but the only way to find out was to take it apart and see! Once we got it apart we realized that cutting it down would work. Hubby used the jigsaw and cut the pieces down then secured a second board to the original for additional support! He did a great job! Here is what it looked like after it was reassembled again!

After it was cut down and reassembled, I re-attached the strips of support and the fabric using my staple gun. Once I had attached the fabric, I used nail head trim tacks to refasten the upholstery along the backing.

Previously there had been long industrial tack strips that I would have had to cut down to reuse. The tack strips were made of metal and I didn't really want to mess with that so I used the uphostery tacks instead. Here is what that looked like when it was done. It's not perfect but no one is going to see the back anyway! Wait!? ;) LOL!

The couch fit perfectly through the doorway upstairs and it looks so nice up there. I will follow up with some pictures once I get that room finished soon.

I couldn't wait to redecorate my living room!

Boy oh boy, I do love to decorate!

This is a before pic of the living room with the red couch:

Here is a preliminary look at the re-arranged room without the red couch! There are still quite a few things I want to do to this room in order to redecorate.

The first change will be to repaint the whole room in order to get rid of these tan walls!

I am leaning towards a warm gray with some brown tones. I have to be mindful of all the tan and brown tile the builder used in this house. If I use a warm gray, it will coordinate with the tile floor, backsplash in the open concept kitchen and the tile fireplace surround. Although I don't love so much brown tile, I can't replace it right now, so I will just have to work with it!

I will be adding a tripod lamp to the corner by the curtains. I have my eye set on one I found at Target. I will also be adding a wooden feature above the fireplace that will attach to the wall above the mantle and extend to the ceiling, making it a feature wall and lengthening the squatty fireplace. Garrett and I will be building that and the clock will go in the center.

I don't know if you noticed that the clock above the mantel is the same red and black clock from before, but I repainted it gray.

Some of the other red decor pieces I had, although there were only a few, I will repurpose by painting them in the more neutral color pallette. I have been working on lots of painting this week as well as refurbishing a bar table I will be using in my kitchen dining space. Of course, I will keep you posted on the changes as they happen!

Speaking of painting? Do you paint your pumpkins or carve them for Halloween? We usually do a little of both, but this year my teen daughter painted hers instead.

Spooky, huh? ;)

Happy Halloween!

Until next time.....when your furniture gives you a fright, make sure and move it out right!



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