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Guest Bath Makeover

Updating our Guest Bathroom

The Before & Happily Ever After of Makeovers

I am so excited to share this bathroom makeover with you guys today! I've said it many times on this blog but a little paint can make a huge difference! This guest bath makeover is a perfect example of how changing the color can change the entire feel of the room. The last few weeks have been updating and changing a lot of rooms in my house. (Hence, why I have been away from the blog for several weeks!)

The first real change we made to our home was our guest bath.

When we bought our house 4 years ago, I didn't really like the yellow walls; and by yellow I really mean a dark sunflower yellow. Now, I adore sunflowers like a lot of people, but to paint a wall color in it takes some guts. Since I didn't want to repaint anything before we moved in, I left all the wall colors alone. Time seemed to slip by with other priorities with family, job, etc that it was neglected for obviously WAY TOO LONG! I'm so happy with the way it looks after the makeover, that every time I enter the room I can't help but smile!

So, what does sunflower yellow look like in a small bathroom space?

Let me show you!

Yikes, right?

I took these pictures after I had already prepped to paint! I feel like I do this alot; get all excited about the new paint, then forget to take pictures beforehand. Nonetheless, this bathroom had yellow walls, brown ceiling, brown tile flooring, cream vanity and countertops and a large rustic metal mirror. I previously had a brown and white patterned shower curtain that I ended up putting back up in the space after we painted. It works since it matches the brown ceiling and brown tile flooring. I left the ceiling alone because it coordinated so well with the wall color and the tile floor that it actually looks like I did it on purpose, rather than working with what I already had.

After I repainted the bathroom, I looked up at the light fixture, which I dislike altogether, and noticed the the glass sconces were an orangy-yellow. Funny how I never really noticed that before but painting the bathroom a gray paint definitely made the yellow sconces look really out of place. Now in a perfect world, I would love to have changed the light fixture to a more modern one that fit the space. Since a new fixture wasn't in the budget, I had to come up with something else. I found these clear beveled sconces at Home Depot for $3 each. The fixture looks so much better now and because I only needed four, I paid $12. That's a good way to update a light fixture without breaking the bank!

Did you notice anything different about the mirror? I painted the mirror in a creamy white chalk paint to match the countertops and vanity and give it a more french country look. We painted the walls a gray from Shermin Williams called Requisite Gray. I had originally wanted to paint my living room and kitchen this color but I decided once I had painted the bathroom that it was too dark for those rooms than I wanted.

Here is a look at the new bathroom and updates. I am still looking for some art work and a few more accessories but when I get it completed, I will share!

I hope you liked this bath remodel! I love gray so much that half my wardrobe is gray; so I am all too happy to be able to paint my walls gray now too!

Next, I will be showing you the living room and kitchen remodel! Guess what color I painted it? :)

Until next time......I leave you with this quote on tranquility and A wish for your home to bring you peace and tranquility!

"It's important to determine which surroundings work best for you, and then build that environment to suit your needs."

Marilu Henner



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