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Visit to Magnolia Market

Spring Break 2016~Trip to Waco, Texas

Magnolia Market

When I think of designing spaces, I think of Joanna & Chip Gaines from HGTV's hit TV show "Fixer Upper". I adore this show, not only for it's extremely talented, funny, and lovable hosts, but also for the idea of taking something run down and turning it into something beautiful again. I'm such a fan of this show that I've watched every episode (maybe multiple times), and like most people who also watch it, I love Joanna's style. So it was only natural that I would long to go to visit the new Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. I really didn't think I would be going for a long time but when my husband suggested we go for Spring Break, I did a little happy dance!

To say that it was a dream come true would be an understatement, especially since it was on the bucket list, in which the bucket list was created for that reason. In fact, I just finished watching Season 3's final episode last night and thought, "Hey, I was just there!"

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the pics from our visit last Saturday, for those of you that have plans to go or maybe want to see a more up close and personal look at the Silo's & Magnolia Market. Magnolia Market is located in the heart of downtown Waco. We traveled 446 miles to get there and I found myself wishing I lived a bit closer so that I could go back more often. But I was so thrilled to get to go and experience the marketplace. It's special, just like Chip & Joanna!

The below picture is one of me and hubby before we went inside. It was an absolute beautiful day outside! I wore my #shiplap t-shirt with the denim over it but it's hard to see from this angle. Garrett wore his t shirt underneath the long one and I should have thought to have him show it but I was barely containing myself of anticipation to get inside, let alone to have taken the time to get this picture! :)

My hubby and kids had a good time at the market too and indulged me to take all the time I wanted to take pics and shop. They are definitely the best family ever!

There was a crowd to get into the market but we didn't wait to get inside. We

got there about 11:30 a.m. I was told that there was over an hour wait the week before and people were lined up around the corner. Going into the store, it seemed crowded, but apparently it was a slower time, according to the cashier I spoke to at check out. Garrett said if Joanna & Chip would have been there, he might have been afraid for his life for the stampede that would have happened to meet them! :) Of course, I would have been right in the middle of that too!

Here is an inside look at the market of the merchandise and displays!

Inspiration here we come!

I purchased a couple of the fern wreaths you see in the black bookcase display above! I bought them to go on some vintage shutter doors I have in my dining room.

I found Garrett, at one point, hiding in a corner to get out of the way! He was content to just hang out! I'm normally not comfortable in big crowds of people (introvert's unite), but I was perfectly content browsing at a slower pace with the crowd this time. It's a lot to take in so it was well worth it! The displays alone made my heart go pitter patter and I took away some inspiration that I will use in my booth space at Daisies & Olives and at home too!

After we finished shopping, we headed outside to the lawn area by the Silo's. There are several food trucks, picnic tables and a garden area to hang out. We decided to eat lunch while we were there. The Cheddar Box had gluten free options for me and I had a sandwich called "The Boss", which was fitting and we got a good chuckle out of it. I like to think I'm the boss all the time, which I'm happy about, but sometimes I wonder if hubby isn't just being clever in letting me "think" I'm the boss; I'll never know for sure! (wink, wink)

We had such a good time! I told the kids to walk ahead as we were leaving so I could take a picture of them with the market in the background and they held hands on the way out! My heart just swells at these two! It was a beautiful day and I was thrilled to get to share the experience with my family who also happen to be my favorite people in the world!

Thanks for joining me today! To all the Fixer Upper fans out there who haven't been to the market, "I hope you get to go soon!" I did a peek into the bakery building that is being remodeled and coming soon. I'm thinking it would be a good time to go once the bakery opens or.... a good reason to go back.

Until Next Time......



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