Spring Event 2016 @ Daisies & Olives

The Spring Event at Daisies & Olives...

and a look at blending different decorating styles

Last weekend was the annual "Spring Event" at Daisies & Olives Antique Mall where we have our booth space. I started my booth space there in October 2014, so I guess this would be the 2nd Spring Event for me. I love having my space at this antique mall because it has some of the most amazing vendors! One of my favorite hobbies is painting and refurbishing furniture and it allows me to feed my creative energy as well as work from home and earn an income.

Over the last year, I believe I have found "my" style of decorating and this Spring Event is a good look at how my style has transformed over the past year; not only for my booth but also for my home. I love the French Country Cottage style but I also find myself integrating farmhouse and vintage pieces in the mix. This style incorporates the whites, creams and grays of the French Country but adds warmth from the farmhouse feels of dark rich woods and the vintage feel of aged decor along with metal. It will give you a chance to see those styles blended together!

Along with my blended style, you can't have a Spring event without having flowers and plants! One of my other hobbies in life is gardening! I love to create outdoor spaces! Some of my favorite flowers are hydrangeas, phlox, lavender, lilies, tulips, ivy, boxwoods, moss and tall evergreens. All of these flowers are typical of french gardens as well, so I tried to incorporate some of those same elements in the booth last week. You will see galvanized containers, chicken wire, gray painted clay pots, ivy, lavender, phlox and moss throughout the gallery that I'm about to show you! I hope you enjoy this inside look at the booth. It's not a huge space, as you will see. I like to say it's a glorified 12 x 12 because its a little over those dimensions but it keeps me busy and since I refurbish a lot of furniture but also write the blog; it is a good balance of my time. I usually spend 2-3 days on creating decor and furniture for the booth and 2-3 days writing the blog. I normally work on furniture over the weekends but some weekends, like this one, I'm overly excited to work out in the yard! Finally!

Hello, Spring!!!!

You can see from this picture the round oak table that was painted and distressed and the French Country chairs I painted and reupholstered last week. Next week on the blog, I will show you the before and after look at these pieces and the process of reupholstering the chairs.

And finally, here is a look again at the Apothecary Dresser that I showed you in our last blog post. If you missed it, you can click here to see the before and after pictures.

I hope you enjoyed the "Spring Event" gallery! Next week, we will look at reupholstering the French Country chairs!

Until Next Time.......



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