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~Fall Home Tour 2016~

A Fall Home Tour & Decorating on a Budget

Happy Fall Everyone!!

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and we finished our decorating just in time! I usually decorate for the seasons, but normally I add just a few touches here and there to match my existing French Country decor. I find that simple is usually better for me, as I don't like a lot of clutter. Decorating doesn't have to cost a great deal of money to be done well. I will share a look at the fall touches I added in my living room and dining room, as well as where I purchased the decor to give you some idea of how much I spent. All in all, I spent under $50 and most of these items are things I can use again and again.

I purchased the the following for our fall decorating:

JoAnn's fabrics:

2 Burlap Pumpkins: $4

Deer: $14.99

Moss Ribbon: $4.99

Home Goods:

Owl Print: $7.99

9 Mini Pumpkins : $9.99

Hobby Lobby

6 mini grapevine wreaths: $1.99


Chevron Fabric Pumplin: $3

If you have been following along over the last few weeks, this room has had a

makeover with new paint. I'm loving the new space as it is so light and airy. Another change in our dining room is our dining table set, which is being refurbished and is almost finished. I applied a darker stain to the top of the table in order to match the existing stain of our hardwood floors. I like the contrast of the dark wood with white legs and it matches the other decor in our house. I still have the last two dining chairs to paint and the leaf of the table needs to be sanded and stained, but I will keep you posted as we get it done!

For now, let's get started on the "Fall Home Tour"!

I already had this topiary for the dining room. I found it at an antique mall for $3.00! Have I told you how much I love topiaries? I cleaned it up and painted the base white as it used to be clay orange. I think it turned out great and it looks so sweet on my table now.

I found these cute mini pumpkins at Home Goods and set them on top of the grapevine wreaths that I adorned with moss vine. I like the moss vine because I can cut it vertically down the middle and it fit perfectly around the mini wreaths. We placed our pumpkins on top to look like they are nestled in the pumpkin patch.

The two burlap pumpkins in the center are from JoAnn's. I could only find the two of them, but it turns out that is all I really needed. They coordinate great with the burlap trim I used to reupholster the French Country chairs.

We used acorns and burlap ribbon to add a touch of nature to our linen napkins. I found the deer you see on the hutch at JoAnn's and fell in love with it! I can re-use it for my Christmas decor by changing out his scarf too! He might be a permanent resident all year long, if I can swing it in the decor! :)

I bought this fabric pumpkin at Target a few weeks ago and I used it on our buffet. I sure wish I could have found some more!

Next, I moved into the living room to decorate. I used some pumpkins that I had from last year and placed it on the mantle by copying the look of the grapevine wreaths with moss. I had a few extra mini pumpkins too that I used.

On a side table in my living room, I swapped out another picture frame for this owl picture I purchased from Home Goods and added a wire basket with some of our mini pumpkins. The "Fall" burlap canvas was something I made but already had the supplies. We had chip board letters that I spray painted "Aged Copper" and then attached the copper nail trim heads to the corners. Cute, huh?

We made these fabric pumpkins, which I will show a DIY tutorial on next week. We also will be selling these in our shop @ Daisies & Olives next weekend.

That's it for our Fall Home Tour! I used a lot of what I had on hand as well as some nature from the good ole' outdoors, like the pine cones you see in the apothecary jar I placed by the deer on the hutch. I always use greenery when decorating my home, but finding greenery that can be used for all seasons, is a good use of money spent.

I like to bring nature into my decorating as much as possible. If you are on a budget and want to decorate, it is amazing how fun it is to shop your own house. Home decor can be utilized differently for different seasons. For example, a decorative bowl filled with green apples and dried leaves, can bring a touch of fall and color to a table or counter. Another way to spend less decorating is to find dried branches in your yard that you can add to a metal container or vase as a fall centerpiece.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year!

It was definitely a fun week for me decorating our home, as well as getting ready for an event at our shop in D & O Antique mall next week. The mall co-promotes "The Junk Ranch" event in Prairie Grove, AR. If you would like to check out the event you can visit their Facebook page here.

Not only will we be stocking the booth shop with all sorts of fun fall decor and furniture, we will also be re-decorating the booth space itself. I'm super excited about the changes we will be making, starting with a logo change using these letters!

After the "Junk Ranch" next week, I will be sharing a DIY build project with you involving.... saw horses!

Until next time.....



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