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~A new look for our shop~

A look at our new and updated shop space in Daisies & Olives Antique Mall....and a special event!

The last few weeks, we have been preparing for a special event in Prairie Grove, Ar called "The Junk Ranch". This event is held in a field surrounding a big red barn with vendors of all kinds selling their wares. The "junk" part can be anything from rusted out car parts, shovels, and all sorts of primitives. But most of the vendors sell painted furniture, antiques, crafts, handcrafted jewelry, signs, pumpkins, and various home decor.
Although I'm not a vendor at "The Junk Ranch", I am a vendor at Daisies & Olives antique mall, which co-promotes the Junk Ranch event. Now, typically I don't decorate much for fall and I don't use rusted primitives, but I do decorate in a style that incorporates some vintage, industrial and wood elements that bring texture and interest to a room and design. The style in my home, as well as the shop, is more of a French Country or Cottage look with some vintage, and industrial elements added into the mix.
We have had our shop at D&O for almost two years and I decided that after years of having the same back drop, that it needed some updating. Of course I pick the craziest times to decide to change things up! I painted the back wall a bright white (it was dark gray to match the panel walls on the sides), and I also decided to add a more industrial and farmhouse look to the already existing french country style furniture. I will show you what we did to the space, as well as some of the items we build, hand-craft and paint for our shop. It's a full time job staying up with the space, as it gets a lot of traffic and we have customers who come from all over. But a big event like this calls for all hands on deck, and after 120 hour work week (no unfortunately, I'm not exaggerating) and only 30 hours of sleep, I was real glad to get to the finish line. I hope you enjoy the look of our new space and some of our items for sale in our shop.
As I mentioned briefly in our last post, part of remodeling the booth space was putting up a new sign. We took these galvanized letters and some gypsum board letters to create the sign you see below. I painted the board letters a copper patina so that they would look rustic.
Here is what they look like once they were hung in the space. The design of the letters matched the logo design for our business that my son made for me last Spring, as you see from the watermark on our photos.

We also made some wood box panels to attach on either side of the sign. One of the reasons we made these were to give it a more cohesive look, as well as better utilize the space for merchandise.

I made the cute pom-pom banner to hang above our sign and we bought some vintage looking patio lights to string above the space to give it some more light and interest like an outdoor market space. The lights are strung above the sign and across the booth space so I didn't think to get a good picture of those this time.

All the decor we made for the space was made to match the new vintage farmhouse look. All of the home decor items are hand-crafted and the furniture is either a DIY build or refurbished by me with a lot of help from my hubby on the builds.
I love how the new updated space turned out!

I added some greenery and of course pumpkins to the space for Fall touches. The pillows you see in the booth are hand-crafted by my mother in law, Nancy.

My husband, Garrett and I made this DIY Sawhorse Desk for the space.

This was such a great DIY project. It's easy to build and it would be great for a home office or a office space in a kitchen or bedroom. I will be sharing the build with you on Friday this week.
Also, coming up.... is another easy DIY craft project featuring these fabric pumpkins.

Until next is one last look at the Booth!



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