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~Holiday Open House @ Our Shop~

A look at our shop for the holidays....

and an artist feature you won't want to miss!

Today is a very special day in which I get to feature an artist, who just so happens to be my talented niece. She has made some amazing signs and christmas ornaments that I'm sure will be flying off the shelves. We wanted to show them to you as well as some of our holiday open house photos from the weekend.

As I told you a few weeks ago, every year the antique mall where we have our little shop space, has a Holiday Open House event. When I say event, I mean a real "event". Martha Ritchie, owner of D & O, does this special day up right with tons of food and live music for guests to enjoy.

This year the Holiday Open House event was on Friday, November 11th. We have huge numbers of customers who come to enjoy the decked out halls and all the refreshments, as well as the stocked booths of Christmas merchandise. I really look forward to this event each year. There is something magical about setting up an entire "theme" for your space and Christmas comes with so many possibilities. This year's chosen "theme" for the antique mall was a "Woodland" Christmas. I chose to build on that theme with a "Lodge" feel which included some flannel, plaids, a cottage armoire and dark walnut wood serving trays.

We also created a 'Winter' land Chalkboard backdrop in our shop for our guests to take holiday photos.

We worked really hard this year getting everything ready for our customers. We love that we can share all of our photos with you today and some of the stories behind our creations.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to our featured artist, the very talented artist, Kennedy.

Kennedy is a self-taught, 16 year old calligraphy artist.

Her calligraphy art is a free-handed skill that is one of a kind. I am truly amazed at her and find myself wishing to have such a talent! ;)

I am so happy to get to feature her work in my shop and with you on the blog today!

Here is a look at some of her creations in the shop:

Kennedy's creations came in the mail to me while I was on the last leg of my own preparations for the shop. We built this cute jewelry hanger to hang our ornaments that we made. As you can see, the ornaments we made and the ones she made go together really well. Of course, her ornaments are the awesome calligraphy ones!

After receiving Kennedy's signs and ornaments, I was amazed that even though we had not talked about the design I had planned for the shop, the items she created fit perfectly. We couldn't have planned that better, if indeed we had planned it at all!

Here is a look at the rest of our shop for the holidays. There are a lot of pictures and some may show some of the same things because of the small space, but we hope you enjoy this year's, "Holiday Open House @ Daisies & Olives"!

We have several refurbished furniture pieces for the holiday season, like the restoration dresser, the gray sofa table, and the French Country dining table and chairs.

The Airplane Drawing Wall art is part of our tribute to our family veteran's. Since open house also fell on Veteran's Day, we made this tribute to my husband's grandfather's who both served in WWII. A big heartfelt "thank you" goes to Doyle Booth and Emil Magnin for their service. You will also see another one of Kennedy's signs "thankful", which would be great to use on a table scape for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

The cottage armoire you see here is one of the furniture makeovers that we did for the shop this last few weeks. If you remember from our last blog post, we talked about some of our furniture treasures that we planned to refurbish, and this little beauty was in that stash! I will be showing you a before and after story of this armoire in our next blog post.

We made these hand-painted signs to go with our "Lodge" theme. We also made a few more signs like this Flannel Deer Chalkboard art.

My mother in law, Nancy makes all the pillows for our shop, as well as the Christmas stockings and table runners. They add so much character to our shop. I can't decide which one I like the best, but I did get to keep one of the Santa Sleigh and Vintage Truck pillows for myself! :) The other Vintage Truck graphic pillows we stocked sold the first day at our open house. But if you had your eye on one, she is making a few more!

I hope you enjoyed a view of our shop this week. I am so fortunate to get to have a shop where I can put my creative energy as well as feature other family who are so talented! A big shout out to Kennedy for letting me feature you and your awesome talents today and to Nancy for creating such lovely things for us to include in the shop!

Thanks to you for joining me on the blog today, it was so nice to have you here!

Until next time....



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