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~Cottage Bedroom Makeover~

The Master Bedroom Update

Last weekend, I woke up on a lazy Saturday morning and thought, "Hey, I should paint my master bedroom today!" It was one of those rare Saturday's and weekends that we didn't have any plans or obligations, so of course I needed to fill it! In fact, my Friday night goals for that wonderful three-day weekend, were to relax and maybe, just maybe, clean out my closet. Painting sounds way more fun than cleaning out the closet, right? Painting my bedroom had also been on my bucket list for a while. Isn't that on everyone's bucket list?

My plan was to use some of the left over paint we had used from previous paint jobs. I had two gallons of paint, each one a different color variation of gray that I thought might work. Both colors were previous paint colors used in our living room and kitchen; before we ended up changing it again to it's current color, Amazing Gray by Shermin Williams. The reason we had to repaint those rooms was because the other two paint colors were too blue or too purple and ended up looking different with our lighting. The same was true when I tried to use it in the master bedroom. Needless to say, we ended up buying more of the Amazing Gray and using it in the master bedroom as well. I'm glad we decided to use the same color in my living room, kitchen and dining rooms for the bedroom. The house now feels like there is some continuity, which makes it feel open instead of choppy and divided by so many different colors of paint in each room.

I absolutely love, love how it turned out! I immediately scolded myself for not doing it sooner. I'm so thrilled to have it done and it really compliments the linen bedspread and pillows. I was a little worried about the colors not complimenting each other but the "Amazing Gray" paint color has just enough taupe in the mix to work. The blue accent bed spread and curtains really stand out against the gray walls and the trim looks more white than when the room was painted in dark brown. Here is a look at the room before we painted it gray.

As you can see, this room looked dark and outdated. The furnishings looked rather bland and blended into the wall color rather than accenting it. Now here is a look at the new and improved bedroom painted gray! Ta Da!

Do you like it? The room seems so much bigger and brighter now! The above dresser's were pieces that we refurbished and painted to match each other and fit into our french cottage design. If you would like to see the before and after post on the two dressers, here are the links: the Vanilla Bean Dresser and Cottage Dresser and Hutch, Part 1 & Part 2.

We still want to paint the master bathroom, which we will be doing fairly soon! I've never taken pics of this room to show you, because it's bright turquoise from the previous owner's paint choice! It's pretty bright and doesn't match my style at all. I am all too ready to tackle that project!

It always amazes me how much paint can change the entire look of a room, furniture or the exterior of a house.

Did I mention that I love paint? :)

Our little pup Chewy was in our last bedroom post so I thought it only fitting to take a few pics of him in the new space. He sure does like getting his picture taken!

Cottage Bedroom Makeover Maison Designs Home

Thanks for joining me today!

Until next time....



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