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~Restyling our Dining Room~

How to Refresh a Room with small changes

In the wintertime, it becomes a necessity for me to refresh spaces in our home in order to get through the dreary months. Apparently some people like winter, although I'm always a little suspicious of the ones who do! But I loathe winter like most people loathe household chores. I know I have to make it through it, but I'm certainly not happy about it! :)

If you are like me, and wintertime is a struggle, here are some tips to make your home a little more cheery!

Add Some Fresh Flowers or Greenery

One of the great ways to keep your home from feeling drab in the winter, is to buy fresh flowers to add some pops of color! If your budget conscious, like me, fresh flowers on a weekly basis might not be the way to go. In this case, I like to add touches of greenery throughout the house to bring the outdoors into my spaces. I use wreaths and topiaries to accent each room. If you can find some artificial flowers of good quality, that is always a good way to be mindful of your budget and still have flowers. I shop a website called "Save on Crafts" to purchase some good quality artificial and dried flowers. This site has some great home decor items too!

Shopping Your Own Home

Another great way to refresh your spaces is to shop your own home. This is exactly what I did for our dining room recently. I took a large wooden mirror located in my living room and moved it over the console table in my dining room. It looks so much better in it's new space. I also had a wreath that I was using in my kitchen area but decided to place it over the mirror to bring in some greenery and color.

Now that we have added and changed things to the space, I'm liking it a lot better. This room is still a work in progress, but I thought it would be fun to show you how even small changes can make a difference.

Here is a look at the updated dining room:

I used some sprigs of lavender from my garden to add a little greenery to our place settings. It was the perfect touch that didn't cost me anything. You could also add a colorful dinner napkin to this place setting to brighten up the table. I'm really liking blues right now, so that would be another great option.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our updated Dining Room this week. Next time, we will be showing you a really fun and easy DIY Wall Art project to fill the space just outside of our dining room. You can see the blank wall space below.

Until next time....



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