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Narnia~Inspired Christmas

Christmas 2017

Living Room

Happy December Everyone!

It seems like this year has flown by faster than Santa and his Reindeer in the night sky! I always feel a little rushed this time of year because both of my kiddos have birthdays during the holiday season. My youngest, Emily, just turned 17 the first week in November and my son Gram, just turned 22 this week. When you add into the mix of two birthdays, Thanksgiving and then decorating for Christmas, it gets a little hectic. On that note and a disclaimer, I am a little behind on the Christmas decorating this year! The one area I do have done so far is the living room and I can't wait to show you our "themed" Christmas this year!

It all started with picking out a new Christmas tree! I have had my "old" tree for 24 years! I bought it on clearance sale after Christmas on our first Christmas as a married couple. It was a big tree and it wasn't pre-lit, which means that for the last 20+ years, we have been stringing lights on that puppy! Although, while the kids were young, stringing the lights on the tree was a great adventure and fun for them. As the kids got older, I found myself and my husband were the only ones willing to do this part of the decorating. I ended up dreading it this year, and decided it was time for a new tree. I wanted a flocked tree with lights! I also wanted a slimmer and taller tree, to fit better in the designated space of my living room. I found a slim 6 1/2 foot pre-lit flocked tree that was great for my budget, but not quite tall enough for my tall ceilings. My solution to this problem was to build a wooden crate to raise the height of the tree while also adding some character. I will show you the DIY tutorial on how we built the crate in a later post.

Once we decided on our new tree, my husband noted that it looked like Narnia! This was the the start in which my daughter ran away with the idea and decided that our "theme" this year would be a Narnia-inspired Christmas! Wait until you see what she is making for our dessert table this year! It's also inspired by the "Narnia" movies.

It has been so fun shopping and finding "just the right thing" for our theme! Some of our Christmas decor worked already, so that was a bonus! We added glittered bronze holy, flocked evergreen trim, fur, reindeer, wood branches, pine cones, a wood carved polar bear, a white reindeer sleigh and some old world charm items to complete the theme.

So, without further is a look at our Narnia-Inspired Christmas, (part 1)...

A new Flocked tree

Narnia-Inspired Christmas Tree

Narnia ~Inspired Christmas Tree

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Crate

Reindeer ornaments With Fur Scarves

Narnia~Inspired Christmas Decor

Narnia~Inspired christmas tree topper

Fur blankets and Reindeer pillows

I'm in love with the fur poms on this pillow!

Narnia~Inspired Christmas Reindeer pillow and Fur Blanket

A Narnia-inspired lamp post for effect

Narnia~Inspired Christmas lamp post

A "Narnia-inspired" Mantle

A Narnia~Inspired Christmas Mantle

A Narnia~Inspired Christmas Mantle

A Narnia~Inspired Christmas Mantle

The entire time I was trying to get my photos taken, our Australian Labradoodle named Chewbacca (Chewy for short), tried to get into my pictures. After several frustrating moment of trying to re-direct him, I finally gave up. I went and fetched my fur vest and threw it on him and called him "Aslan". It was the funniest moments! He truly seems to enjoy getting his picture taken. And because I often will take his photo while my camera and lighting equipment are set up, I think he has come to expect it! :)

"Aslan" the Aussie Labradoodle

Maison Design's Home puppy Chewy

Maison Design's Home puppy Chewy

He did look incredibly adorable! It made for a fun afternoon and he is quite the subject in his extra "fur" coat!

A Narnia Designed Christmas

A Narnia Designed Christmas

A Narnia Designed Christmas

I hope you enjoyed a look at our Christmas decor so far! This week I will be finishing my dining room and kitchen to show you soon!

I hope your holiday decorating has been fun too!

Until next time...



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