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Narnia~Inspired Christmas Dining Room

Christmas Home Tour 2017-Part 2

Dining Room

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thanks for joining me today to take a look at our home for the holidays. Last week, we started the home tour by showing you our living room and our Narnia~Inspired Christmas. We continued the same theme into our dining room, as we have an open concept living, dining and kitchen.

I have to admit that carrying the same theme throughout the house has been fun but a little challenging. I started decorating the dining table with a runner I found at Home Goods that matched my living room decor. However, even though I got it at a great price, it was way too long for my small cottage style dining table. I decided I would cut it down instead of returning it because the style was perfect for our theme. I cut it in half, then measured the length I needed. Now, those of you that know me well, also know that Leasa (yes I am referring to myself in third person, cause that's what you do when you are distancing yourself from something unpleasant), does not sew. :) Therefore, this is a no-sew fabric project that I literally hot-glued the pieces together and seemed it with a burlap ribbon.


Next, I found the perfect centerpiece for my table in the form of a beautiful white deer. His antlers were majestic and he fit perfectly on the table. The idea was to lay him on a bed of fresh evergreens for the table, but once I arranged the evergreens on the table, I realized that it was missing something. I tried placing them in a wooden tray, an oval shaped bowl, a white ceramic platter, a round cake stand, and the list went on. But all these items seemed more like I was serving the deer on a platter, which was not really the look I was going for, to be sure. I thought to myself, I just need a fat slab of wood for some texture to put him on. Of course, I didn't have anything at home that would work.

Narnia Inspired Christmas

I went shopping and found the most beautiful ornate wood cutting board. The intricate design gives it a touch of tradition and it feels like it truly belongs in Narnia. I added the greenery and pine cones, along with the glass cloche and miniature trees with snow for a whimsical touch. Isn't he pretty??

Narnia Inspired Christmas Dining Room

Narnia Inspired Christmas

Narnia Inspired Christmas Dining Room

DIY Deer Graphic napkins

Narnia Inspired Christmas

Narnia Inpsired Dining Room tablescape

The buffet was a little harder for me to come up with decorations. I really wanted some 3-4 ft lighted trees for either side of the buffet but could only come up with these little miniature trees that fit in my shrinking budget. I am satisfied with how it turned out once I added some more fresh greenery, a candle, some snow and a wooden cutting board that I transferred this deer graphic. I moved my magnolia wreath from another part of the house to the mirror and called it good!

Narnia Inspired Christmas Dining Room

Christmas Home Tour

Narnia Inspired Christmas Dining Room

Dining Room Christmas Home Tour

Narnia Inspired Dinng Room

The deer transfer on the small round cutting board was the same transfer that I used from the Graphics Fairy to apply to my cream fabric napkins. I love this vintage graphic, don't you?

DIY Deer Graphic Transfer

DIY Deer Graphic transfer

DIY Deer Graphic transfer

You can find all sorts of graphics to transfer to wood or fabric at I used the freezer paper transfer method to complete this DIY project. You can find the tutorial here. I've learned that Quilter's freezer paper sheets (8 1/2 x 11) are the easiest and best use for ink jet printers. So that's a look at our Narnia-Inspired Dining Room!

The kitchen is almost finished being decorated but we need to bake some yummies to go on our dessert cart to show you. Our plans are to do some baking this weekend and we will show you pics of the kitchen next week!

Narnia Inspired Dining Room for Christmas

Deer Christmas Center piece

Narnia Inspired Christmas Home Tour

Narnia Inspired Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Decor Home Tour

I can't believe December has flown by so fast. I've made promises to myself to stop through all the frenzy of decorating, baking, shopping and wrapping presents to truly enjoy the joys of this Christmas season. I'm planning to take some time after all the hustle and bustle, to slow down and enjoy the time with my wonderful family and friends.

Narnia Inspired Christmas Decor

I find myself so very thankful to have the time with the people I love and enjoy! It's truly a magical time of year, to rejoice in the many blessings and miracles of the wonderful holiday and to bring joy through giving. I am also thoughtful to those who are less fortunate than me, or for those in which the holidays are a reminder of lost loved ones or poor I say a prayer for all those who may be having a hard time this Christmas season, that God brings them peace and comfort.

And to YOU... may the blessings of the season bring you comfort and joy!

Happy Holidays!


*This post is not paid through an affiliate sponsor but rather my own recommendations or thoughts on products that I use in my home.

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