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January Renew & Decorating with Blue

January is a time to think about the coming new year and making plans for the future. Some parts of my business came to a close last year in October, as I prepared to grow this year in the blog and my online Etsy store. With every end, comes a new beginning and this month we have made many plans, preparations and headway into making those plans come to life. Because I have been behind the scenes in those preparations, you haven't really seen much of me on the blog, but I promise you will start to see more of what is going on now that I'm a bit more organized.

I had to hit the pause button for just a bit but I think we are gaining speed now. Monday, I could feel the wind at my back....and I was powering ahead, then Tuesday morning happened, when both my daughter and I came down with the flu and everything came to a screeching halt. C'est la vie my friends! Even though the wind isn't blowing just yet today, I'm back to work again and excited about all the new and exciting adventures to share with you. What? You don't think decorating is an adventure? Well, my friends, it can be....maybe not in the climbing Mt. Everest type of adventure, but in the sense that you never know what you will find in the hunt, or how you can move your furniture around and make your room look totally different! At least, that's adventure to me! :)

There is a great feeling in being organized and purging, which is what we did these last few weeks in our living area. Early in the Fall of last year we purchased a new sofa and club chairs. You were able to see those over the holidays, but we have changed everything around, refreshed the decor pieces and added some pieces from other areas of the house. I have to say, that it functions so much better, looks better and makes me wonder why I didn't do it that way in the first place! :) . Here is a look at the new living room arrangement.

I am constantly adapting the design to add decor pieces to lend a more French Country feel to my home, while adding a few pieces here and there and working with what I've got already.

There are still a few more things I want to do in this living room, like paint the tile on the mantle surround and change out the light fixture. I also have a big project to extend the mantle up with a wood feature wall that I will be starting this Spring. Man, speaking of Spring, who's ready for that already? Hands in the air like you just don't care! MEEEEEE!!!!!

I moved this clock from the dining room and I think it looks great in its new spot!

This clock was one of my garage sale finds for $50. I painted it and changed the hardware. Here is a before pic of it!

I also refreshed the dining room with these faux ferns and I few new items. I love to add greenery in the winter and some pops of color to my design, like these blue place mats.

The blue placemats match the blue pillows on my sofa and the blue in my living room rug. I don't know what it is but I'm loving blue lately and I have added pops of that color all over the house. I will be showing you some of those changes soon.

I will be adding some wooden flower boxes under this cute chalkboard sign from Magnolia Market. I think it will add a touch of fun to this dining room space for Spring!

I'm happy with the changes around here and with the overall feeling when I walk in and find everything is organized and peaceful. Here is a look at some more nooks and crannies in the main living area. I haven't chalked anything on this chalkboard yet because I'm waiting to find just the right thing! :)

I'm still working on the Etsy shop, where I will be selling some of my handmade decor pieces and signs. I'm excited to get the store up and running soon!

Until next time....



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