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Rustic French Country Christmas

Living Area Home Tour 2018

This year's Christmas theme is pretty simple and we couldn't be happier about it! You see, this has been a pretty crazy few months at the Booth household in terms of so much going on. We have spent a large part of the last few months helping to narrow down college choices for my daughter, who is a senior in high school, filling out applications and getting her prepared for next year. We also had two family birthdays and hosted Thanksgiving again this year.

Around mid-November, we found out that our dog Chewy had a tumor and needed surgery, which is a long healing process, and right in the middle of the holiday season. I can't leave him for long (like 5 min) or he will chew at his incisions. I was given a cone for the little sweetheart and I also purchased another soft cone online but.....he is a contortionist and can get around anything. At one point, out of frustration of not being able to even get a good night sleep (because I could hear him chewing and had to stop him), I bought little boys underwear and cut a whole for the tail. He looked like a little monkey and provided family entertainment, to which he was not amused. This actually did help and I think was a deterrent because he really hated wearing those underwear! In fact, after a few times of having to wear them, he decided to sleep at night and not bother chewing with them on. This week, he hasn't bothered the incision site at night and so I've left all forms of cones and undies off of the guy. Momma needed some sleep, so this has been a blessing! I still can't leave him alone, because it hasn't healed enough yet and he's sneaky, so the holiday shopping and errand running has been a little stressful but I'm getting there.

What about you guys? Are you all ready for the holidays? It seems like every year, I feel like I need one more week! But that's why keeping things simplified with decor this year has been the best!

We decided on a Rustic French Country decor theme with green velvet pillows, green ornaments, black chalkboard accents and this pretty white and black stripped ribbon. Do you all remember the antler napkins from the last post from Hearth and Hand? It was the inspiration for our entire theme this year so here is another look.

I decided to hand paint the same antler design on the wooden chalkboard ornaments I had and they turned out to be just the right touch. I felt like I needed something else for the tree but...without the luxury of time, I decided it was good enough. The wooden box we made last year for the tree really made the rustic look this year!

I added some black and white buffalo plaid stockings to the mantle that I picked up at Target for $13. Aren't they adorable? I love the linen top to them because it matches so much in my home.

I added the DIY forest green poms poms and these wooden letters that I painted green (also from Target), to add some personalization to them and coordinate with the theme.

I bought the miniature trees for the mantle and added some white snow and put a few in galvanized buckets for that same rustic feel.

I found these little mini trees last year and put them in cloches and around the house. The birdies were from a few years ago and they just make me smile. I made this chalkboard "Baby it's Cold Outside" sign a few years ago too and was happy to be able to use it again.

In shopping at Home Goods, I found this wonderful "Tis the Season" candle , which became a little tag line for DIY present tags that I made on my computer.

I also found this green tree wrapping paper at Home Goods too. I desperately shopped for dark green velvet ribbon and I must have gone to a million stores (not kidding) in search but no velvet ribbon anywhere! I substituted various dark green ribbons that I found and gave up on finding velvet! Boo! You just watch though, next year all you will see is forest green velvet ribbon! :)

The precious cream paper with "Love Santa" script in black was from the Sugar Paper line at Target, as well as the black and white gingham tissue and tree gift bag. They all coordinated so well together. Mixing and matching prints and patterns can be really fun and creative and I've been practicing this more and more lately.

I rearranged our living room for the Christmas tree because that's what everyone does, right? It ended up being a little tight and the sofa is a little off center from the fireplace, but it's also really cozy and that seems to be the best thing, especially when everyone is all gathered for the holidays around the fireplace.

And here is a look at our little Chewy, who is patiently waiting for Santa, or maybe a chicken treat!

I still have presents to wrap and a few more presents to pick up but it will all get done this weekend and then it's Christmas Eve! I'm so excited to spend the upcoming few weeks with family. It seems that we are constantly on the go but this is the time of the year that we get to spend the most down time together and I can't wait!

Hope your Christmas is Merry & Bright!

Until next time...



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