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~French Country Bedroom~

I've always loved French Country design and when we decided to update our master bedroom that is the design style that fit. We have been doing a lot of updating in our home lately and every room has a cohesive look now, with the exception of my daughter's room, which you saw last week. Most of the house is a neutral palette that includes light grey walls, cream trim, and ivory and black furnishings. So when I wanted to bring in the ivory and black into the bedroom, my first addition was a soft gray velvet bedspread by Opal House from Target. The new bedspread was a Christmas gift from my hubby. Some women want perfume or lingerie, I want EVERYTHING Home Decor.

Here is a look at the new French Country Bedroom.

French Country Bedroom Inspiration-Maison Designs Home

French Country Bedroom Inspiration-Maison Designs Home

In January, Hearth and Hand by Magnolia came out with a bedding line. I really loved the railroad stripe/sour cream and black, but I had already changed out the bedspread. I decided to add the pillow cases to the gray bedding and change out the bedskirt to a extra long ivory ruffle. My mother in law made the taupe ruffled lumbar pillow to match my DIY headboard in taupe linen. She also made the ivory french graphic pillow that I had been using already. Isn't she talented? They matched perfectly with the bedding.

French Country Bedroom Inspiration-Maison Designs Home

The gray is complimented by the ivory furniture pieces that we added a few years ago. This was a refinishing project that I did on an old worn out stained dresser. The size and cottage feel was perfect to paint and the chunky hardware is original but also repainted in an antique finish.

*Click here if you would like to see the before and after pictures of the dresser/hutch.

I found the ivory/black striped curtains and the ivory/black striped rug at the foot of the bed at IKEA in Kansas City over Spring Break with the kiddos. As you may have noticed in the time frame, this room took a few months to put together.

The last update was to change out the massive fan/light fixture, or as we like to call it, "The Ugly". :) This was actually a happy accident in the form of a chandelier that was originally purchased for the living room, but was way too small for the space. Oops!

The lovely wooden, french country style chandelier fit perfectly in the master and that little oopsie; made this girl very happy! I love when that happens! We added the Magnolia wreath above the bed and Voila! This room is so cozy that I just want to hang out in there all day long! I mean, obviously I don't get to do that all, only in my dreams, but the times I get to relax in here makes me happy! "It's my happy place."

French Country Bedroom Inspiration-Maison Designs Home

French Country Bedroom Inspiration-Maison Designs Home

Our pup, Chewy photo bombed, again!!! It's okay, because he is so adorable and sweet... and my shadow! :)

French Country Bedroom Inspiration-Maison Designs Home

French Country Bedroom Inspiration-Maison Designs Home

Well, I've got to get back to my cozy bedroom now....

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! My "kids" are 18, 23 and 23 so we don't do the traditional easter egg hunt or easter baskets any more but I think I will surprise them with a more sophisticated/difficult egg hunt with only 3 eggs, one for each of them, with bigger prizes inside! Shhhh.... don't tell them!

Until next time.....hope your weekend is a hoppy one!



* This post is in no way sponsored by products I mentioned in this post, but rather products that I wanted to share with you that I thought you would enjoy! Any blog posts that are sponsored and I may receive compensation will always be disclosed at the beginning of each blog post!

All photos are the property of Maison Designs Home and copyrighted unless permission has been given to use or copy them.

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