~The Coffee Bar~

It's always a good morning when you have a coffee in hand, am I right? Even if your not a coffee addict like me, maybe you enjoy a hot cup of tea in the morning? There's just something really relaxing to me about a hot beverage when I first wake up. I know it's my 30 minutes of calm before I am up and running around all day, so I enjoy those moments of tranquility. It's my "me" time in the day and that is the inspiration for the coffee bar station I created in our home. Having a coffee bar in my home makes me feel like I'm visiting my favorite coffee shop every morning. This DIY coffee station is an easy and inexpensive project that I wanted to share with you today! I spent about $40 and it was money well spent that at the end of the day, I have a new fun space to call mine.

A few months ago, I started to envision a space for a coffee bar. My galley kitchen is on the smaller side so setting up anything on the counter was not going to work. I have an eat-in space in my kitchen that had a bistro table and a beverage cart. I had refinished both pieces to fit into the space and my design style. Those pieces still remain in the kitchenette, but it felt bland as the one wall that the cart was placed, lacked character and a good use of space. I had found several pins on Pinterest that showed a chalkboard wall for their coffee bar and an idea was formed to transform that blank wall into a coffee bar. I also wanted to utilize the space to display more of my serving pieces for pastries and cakes. I seem to collect these serving stands without giving much thought to where to store them, because....well, they are just so cute. I have 4 cake stands and 4 stands with cloches (which are my favorite). In my defense, I do bake a lot and I do love a good birthday party, sooo.... I have a lot of different ways to display them, that's all! lol But I also love to have a scone or muffin in the morning or cookies or brownies when company is over so what better addition than a coffee bar to display those goodies and to entertain?

Here is a look at the space prior to the coffee bar, and if you have been following the blog for awhile, you have seen it before.

And here is a look at the new COFFEE BAR!!!!

We measured and taped off the section that I wanted for a chalkboard wall and painted it using Tricorn Black by Shermin Williams. My chalkboard measures 46" wide by 5ft tall.

I purchased these iron pipe and brackets that screw into the wall at my local Home Depot. These pipes are 10" long but the brackets that go into the wall and the cap on the end add up to be 10 3/4 inches long, which fit my 10" wide shelves perfectly.

I bought an 8ft long x 10" wide and 2" thick board that was cut into 42" pieces to give me two shelves. I had the Home Depot cut the boards for me this time. I stained the boards using Minwax in Walnut.

When I purchased the pipe brackets, they came in a gunmetal gray color, so I spray painted them using Rustoleum, Aged Metallic Rust. You will need 4 brackets and pipes for the two shelves. One note: make sure to use drywall anchors to secure your screws for the pipe brackets, as they are heavy and would not work to just screw into the drywall.

I made the "Coffee Bar" sign on my computer and enlarged it and printed to scale, then traced it onto my wall using the pencil method. The pencil method is easy, you just shade the back of your graphic with a pencil and then tape your template into place. Once your template is in place, you will trace the graphic with a pencil and when you remove the template, your trace of the graphic is in pencil on the wall. I used a chalkboard permanent marker (I purchased mine from Target), and traced and filled in the graphic so that it looks like chalk, but is permanent.

I love how it turned out, and I use it everyday. If you noticed, I don't have a coffee machine, but I use my french press each morning or I buy the bottled Starbucks and heat it up to go into my stainless carafe that I use when having company. The carafe will keep hot for 12 hours, serves 20 (8 oz coffees), so to me it's better than using a coffee pot and safer. We can prepare the coffee, put it in the carafe and leave for dinner without having to worry about leaving a coffee pot plugged in and your coffee turning to sludge or having to hustle and fix coffee for an after dinner party at your house because it's already hot and ready to go!

I also splurge sometimes and buy these white coffee cups with sleeves and lids if I do have to make my coffee to go.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our coffee bar today, now I think I will go have some more coffee and maybe a muffin! ;)

Until next time.....



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