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~An Inspired theme Christmas~

Merry Christmas everyone!

Can you believe that there are only a few sleeps left until Christmas? I'm so glad you joined me on the blog today because I want to show you the theme that the kids and I chose this year's Christmas! It was inspired by Harry Potter with a long banquet table that we built for our living room and some themed touches throughout our decor. This has been such a fun theme to go with that I may not want to take it down!

Here is a look at our Christmas tree and mantle.

We added reindeer, owls, flying keys, green, blue and gold touches throughout with gold stars ribbon and ornaments.

The flying keys are from the movie and we even hung some flying above the door which when the heater vent comes on, it looks like they are actually flying....maybe they are? I didn't get a picture of them but here is one of the tree. I did a bit of photo 'magic' and edited out the fishing wire that we used to hang them. :) Now you can believe too!

My daughter made a mural of a forbidden tree forest and because she is always a little extra, she made a brick window surround out of styrofoam. That's my girl! It looks amazing and we put it over the buffet and decorated with Harry Potter's patronus animal, the deer. We used lots of candles and a magic case that holds my son's treasured rock collection. On top of the case, you will see a handcrafted wand that my son made when he was a teenager. It's pretty amazing, right?

I found these Harry Potter house coasters and I added them to the place settings! They add a nice touch!

We added my daughter's stuffed "Hedwig" owl with some wands that we bought from the theme park shop "Olivander's", when we visited last. It's up on the massive hutch that we have in our living room.

The mantle is decorated with stars, a beaker set from my daughter in law, lanterns and a vintage mailbox that is another throwback to Harry Potter. I printed letters addressed to Harry from the part of the movie that he is invited to Hogwart's school with letters delivered by the owls. They fly out of the mailbox, onto the tree and of course, magically land in their stockings.

I found this amazing gray and gold celestial star wrapping paper from Target that went perfect with our theme!

Normally by now, I am sharing my hot cocoa and coffee bar decorations but this year I did a little different and created "Honeydukes" candy shop from the Universal HP theme park! I used my apothecary jars and made some labels to match the sign. We had chocolate frogs, peppermint imps, bertie bots jelly beans, jelly slugs, and exploding bon bons!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Harry Potter themed Christmas this year! How many times do you think I said Harry Potter in this post? :)

I will be taking a few weeks off for the holidays and then we will be back in January for some more home decor ideas and organization tips to start the new year!

Wishing you the most magical holiday season!

Until next time...



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