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French Country Bedroom Update

How to add design touches to give your home that "French Country" Style

Hello Everyone! How's everyone doing out there? We are on day 62 of self quarantine in our house. I have both my husband home, who normally travels 3 to 4 days a week and my daughter, who just completed her first year in college. I feel so blessed to be able to spend time with them that we normally wouldn't have together! My daughter moved back home from college on March 12th and she completed her freshman year last week by doing online classes. I sort of dreaded that for her, but surprisingly, it went really smoothly once we set up a make shift desk space for her in my office. Since she will be starting her design studio for her Architecture degree this summer, we will be setting up more of a permanent art studio/office space for her in our bonus room upstairs. We ordered her a drafting table (that she normally would have had provided on campus) and some storage cabinets for all her supplies. How fun is that?

Next week, I will be setting up her new studio space and will share a look at the space once it's completed. During this time at home, we have also been organizing spaces, cleaning and re-imagining spaces to work better for the family for our new work from home time. After everyone else is set, I have big plans on redesigning my office space too! Here's a previous look at my office, needless to say, it's not nearly as neat as it was back then and this was several years ago. I also shared the space as a crafting area and as you can see from the pic a music space for my girl. Those things will be moved out somewhat in the next few weeks. I do, however, love the black chalk paint accent wall and the clock! Those will probably stay! The picture quality isn't great but this was before I practiced with my new camera and learned better photo editing skills! ;)

One of the areas that has slowly been taking shape over the last few weeks is my Master Bedroom. Although a lot of elements were in this room already, I wanted it to feel more "French Country". Before quarantine, I changed out my duvet to this soft off-white linen and added the gray fringed linen euro pillow shams. The duvet and pillow shams are both from the Hearth and Hand decor line found at Target.

I added old books, french graphic pillows, topiaries, lavender and a hand painted "French" sign and new soft white striped curtains. I had already changed out the light to this rustic chandelier, which lends that vintage feel. I think I love the look of "French Country" because it is a mix of fresh and new with old and vintage. The hutch that I put together with the old dresser was painted in the same color and gives substance to the room as well as a place to show off those rustic touches like books, lavender, finials, clocks etc. I love the light that comes in this room and bounces off the soft gray walls and white linens. The "love" pillow was a find at Home Goods in February that I thought would be cute for Valentine's Day, but I like it so much that I'm leaving it for now. The magnolia wreath above the bed is one of my favorite that I bought at Vintage Market Days in NWA, a craft and antique fair in our area. I'm hoping to go again in October because there is just so much vintage goodness there!

The french country chair in the corner by my bed doesn't get much use, but it sure is lovely. I have big plans to re-upholster the chair cushions some time. I glazed the wood of the chair, which had an orange tinted stain, with Black Fox by Sherwin Williams and it gave it a black wash without being too dark. In a glaze, the wood still comes through the paint. A glaze is pre-mixed or you can DIY a glaze by mixing latex paint and water in a 50/50 or 60/40 solution depending how light you want it. It does the trick if you don't like orange or yellow tone woods. It is usually a one light coat application process.

I have lots of projects coming up like painting kitchen cabinets, changing carpet to hardwoods, painting the patio outside and updating our little shed out back. I will have lots to share with you in the next few months! We have also been designing house plans to build a new house. Guys! This has been so fun! I pretty much have every room built and decorated in my mind! LOL

That being said, the process has come with some anxiety as it has been a little slower than I had anticipated. However, with everything that is happening, I have had to pull patience (deep down from within) because I'm just so excited about it! I will share more about that later and share some of those anxious feelings from all of the unknowns during this crazy time. One of the concerns is wether I will be able to sell my house during this time? Along with questions about how long will we all have to social distance and how does this affect our economy, housing market, etc? I have had long talks with myself, (yes, I am admitting I talk to myself), about patience and making good decisions even though it's something I can't wait to do! I know that a lot of people are suffering right now and so perspective is something that has helped me through those sleepless nights.

There have been so many stories of pain and suffering that makes my desires and wants seem quite minimal to what is happening around the world. So I pray, a lot, about the leaders who are making decisions (hopefully for the greater good), and the many who are homeless, jobless and suffering. My heart hurts for the those who have lost a loved one due to this virus. So my little house build can wait and in the mean time I get the opportunity to dream; which is one of my favorite things!

I hope this post brings some joy to you today and that you are able to find the 'calm in the storm' during this crazy time! For those of you having a hard time, I want you to know that you're not alone. I pray for you every night and I know we will all make it through. What I have learned in my life through tough times is that, "this too shall pass, and enjoying the good with the bad makes everything better".

If there is anyone out there tackling some home projects for the first time, drop me an email if you have a question about design, painting or build projects, I would love to offer some one on one advice!

Warmest regards and love to you all,

Until next time.....



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