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Bedroom Refresh

Isn't it refreshing to know Spring is coming? Although it might be a few weeks off just yet. As I sit here typing, it is currently 18 degrees where we live in Northwest Arkansas, which is a warm up from yesterdays 0 degree weather; along with several inches of snow. The snow has given me some brilliant light inside along with some sunshine today, so I will take it!

Before the holidays and the new year, we shared a look at the hardwoods that we installed in our master bedroom. When we did this install, we also included the hallway and my daughter's bedroom, which was previously carpeted. Once the hardwoods were installed we refreshed the room with a new full size bed, a new rug, bedding and decor to lend a better space for her while she is attending university online and staying at home. It's been a much needed change for her and given our current situation with the pandemic, I wanted to give her place of solace. It's been a difficult year for everyone during the pandemic and my heart aches for those students who are limited to social interaction. It is such a key part of development and life experiences that I worry for them to not have it at this time. As the vaccines are being rolled out, I have hope that in another six months, we will be able to return to a more normal lifestyle.

Today, I wanted to share a look at the newly decorated bedroom and some of the design choices we made for the room.

Here is a look at the bedroom carpet before it was removed.

Although these pics are from a few years ago when she was young and wanted a woodland themed room, she still had the same twin bed in when she returned from college dorms. She was in need of a new mattress and since she was also going to be living at home for the rest of this year, she needed a bigger bed. As a lot of you know, we have seriously outgrown our home and had been trying to build a new home when the pandemic hit. The process not only slowed but came to a standstill. I wouldn't normally have purchased a full size bed for this tiny bedroom but, when life gives you lemons, you just make do. I was really worried about the space even though I measured and taped the wall for a visual, but oddly enough the full size doesn't make it look as crowded as I thought it would!

Here is a look at the new bed that we purchased from Target. It's a nice greige (gray beige) linen upholstered bed frame. We purchased the ivory boho inspired bedding on Amazon and used some throw pillows that we already loved to complement the neutral soft palette. The walls were left painted in the same gray/green color from Sherwin Williams called Clary Sage.

One of the best decor items I purchased were these plug in wall sconces from Amazon. We purchased some paintable plastic wall sconce tubing to hide the cords and painted them in the same wall color. You can barely see them once they are painted! It adds a soft glow to the room in the evening and she enjoys the coziness of the side lamps.

She picked out the artwork from Wayfair to add a little color and whimsy to the room. The rug was also purchased from Wayfair and she loved the boho design and fringe accents.

You can see just how small the room is but the vaulted ceiling helps to make it feel bigger. What do you think about the new hardwoods? Are you a carpet (in the bedroom) fan? Or do you like to have wood flooring with accent rugs? You can probably guess, I'm in the later camp of wood flooring throughout! All in all, the room turned out just as she wanted and until we finish our new home build, which is on target now to be completed for sometime in October, we will make due with the smaller space. When we build our new home, she will actually have an attached apartment that she can share with her best friend. It will have a kitchen, living, office, bath and bedrooms. We are really looking forward to her having her own personal space and I will share more details as we get further along in the process.

Building a new home has been a dream of mine for a few years now and I'm really excited about finally being able to design it this year. The plan we designed will give me that French Country design that I have envisioned for so long.

In other projects around our current home, I will be sharing a look at our freshly painted cabinets that I diy'ed prior to the holidays. The cabinets are finished, but I have plans to update the backsplash and I wanted to wait until that part is done in order to share the full before and after pics with you all! The weather, plans for the new build and just life in general, has slowed me down in getting this project done, but I believe I will be able to tackle it in the next few weeks! YAY!

Until next time....

I hope you have enjoyed this bedroom update!



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