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Master Bedroom & DIY Hardwood Floor Install


It's been a while since my last post because our home has been getting some major updates. In the last few months, we have installed hardwood floors, painted kitchen cabinets and touched up trim work ad well as some miscellaneous little fixes here and there in preparation of selling our home in the coming year.

The first project of installing hardwood floors included tearing out the old carpet and replacing it with engineered hardwoods all while both bedrooms were being used. It wasn't easy but it was necessary, so I wanted to show you the master bedroom first and what it looked like before the carpet was replaced with hardwoods. I've probably said this many times before, but I would rather not have carpet in any part of the house because they gross me out! I would prefer to have area rugs that can be cleaned easily or even replaced at a low cost if needed.

This flooring install was a project that my husband and I completed ourselves. It took roughly two weeks to install flooring, install quarter round trim for gaps of existing trim and then paint and putty trim work. We have installed hardwoods before and these hardwoods are lock-in floating, so it's very DIY friendly project if you've ever considered them yourself. Ideally we wanted to match the hardwoods to the living area but couldn't find the exact flooring. It's been about 12 years since our home was built, so we matched the width and color instead and used an engineered vinyl plank. It will last a very long time for the new home owners and can stand up to a lot of traffic and wear.

Here is a look at the master bedroom with carpet:

And here is the after photos with the new hardwoods installed in the master bedroom.

(My little Chewbacca is always hanging out with me and I snapped this pic of him in the master!

He's the sweetest boy!)

I purchased a large area rug in ivory and gray to match the bedding and my french country style decor. I added this small french country desk, that was previously in my daughter's room before the remodel and it fits nicely to the room and gives us an additional work space. Since we are all working from home now, it gives us the space we need.

I'm very happy with the way the hardwoods turned out and I believe it added value to the house in order to resale for the best price. What do you think of them? Do you prefer carpet or hardwoods in the bedroom? I am seeing more and more new builds and updates in design, with hardwoods in the Master suites and I love it!

I will be showing off our other projects in the months to come but I've been so busy with projects lately that it feels like time has passed me by rather quickly. I'm still in disbelief that Christmas is right around the corner. I will be sharing a look of our Christmas decor soon and another smaller project that goes along with the Holiday Home Tour in the next post. I decorated pretty simple for Christmas this year, but elevated the fireplace with an update to hang those stockings!

I can't wait for you to see it!

Until next time....



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